Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Danyele McPherson

Brunch Of The Week: Summer Heath Wave

Because we didn’t travel much during the pandemic, even little outings such as brunch feel like mini vacations. So last weekend, we figured we’d actually make a short road trip to Eggsville by way of Mimosatown. Truth be told, an out-of-town friend needed a ride to a baby shower in Rockwall, so we had time to kill and decided to […]

Hip-Hop, Highballs & Ham

BZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!! Pardon the all-caps and multiple exclamation points, but that’s the only way in print to illustrate the buzz surrounding the opening of Remedy on Greenville Avenue. With a kitchen helmed by the delightful Danyele McPherson, who worked in some of the city’s best restaurants (The Grape, Stephan Pyles) before gaining national exposure on Top Chef. Behind the bar, Matt […]