Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Dark Comedy

F Us Gently With A Chainsaw

What’s old is new again, again. Last week we got the spin-off of a reboot in The Conners. This week, we’ll be treated to what might be the first-ever reboot of a reboot in Heathers. Originally slated to debut as a traditional weekly series earlier in the year, things changed quickly when a school shooting in Florida took place a few weeks […]

Dinner & Shade Are Served

Few things are as uncomfortable as an awkward dinner party. And we’ve had our fair share. But none have come close to being as disastrous as the one at the center of Beatriz at Dinner, expanding this Friday to theaters nationwide. Things start innocently enough when a wealthy housewife (Connie Britton) invites Beatriz (Salma Hayek), her massage therapist/healer, to stay for dinner when […]

Hometown Charmer

We can’t imagine our life without Amazon Prime. Pretty sure we’re keeping at least one UPS driver fully employed with our late-night Ambien-induced one-click purchases. (Yet somehow we still managed to run out of toilet paper just in time for a Labor Day pool party.) But besides free two-day shipping and enough cardboard boxes to build a life-size replica of […]