Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!


Reality Bites…Then Kisses

When does our Queen Lesbian ever sleep? Because Ellen’s at it again, producing another TV show. Today’s your chance to be a star in that very show, and have your name in lights alongside Ms. DeGeneres. NBC has ordered eight episodes of First Dates, an “observational documentary series” that follows couples meeting for the first time. There are no competitions, […]

Man Hunt

Finding true love isn’t likely to happen with a guy showing up 326 feet away on a dating app. It’s not impossible, but definitely a challenge. And most matchmaking services are for heterosexual couples or they just dabble in same-sex relationships. Not at He’s For Me, a Texas-based matchmaking service exclusively for gay men. They’re branching out to connect like-minded […]

This Is Why You’re Forty and Single

It’s widely regarded that if you’re not partnered up by the time you’re forty, you’re damaged goods, past your sell-by date and risk being put in the dating half-off bin. We all know that’s a bunch of crap. I mean, there are plenty of fantastic guys out there far north of forty. (Okay, maybe not plenty but you get my […]

7 Men You Can Never Date

Let’s face it; we’ve all fallen prey to a handsome face, kind smile, great bulge build. Sure, at first glance, he seems like Mr. Absolutely Right. He sweeps you off your cynical feet with witty texts, great dinners and thoughtful gestures. The sex is incredible. You just made his latest selfie the wallpaper on your phone. Yes, you’re ready to […]

Scruffing It

If you’re a gay man and you own any technology device better than a flip phone, chances are high that you’ve downloaded the SCRUFF app and used it to meet other guys. We, on the other hand, are completely app-obsessed and prefer the improved features of SCRUFF Pro for the occasional late-night “chat only.” Recently, we woofed at Johnny Skandros […]

Surviving The Holidays

The holidays are supposed to be a joyous time when we thrill to giving and getting gifts and spending time with our loved ones. In theory, that’s what’s supposed to happen anyway. But in reality, the holidays are often a very stressful time when many people get lonely, and when even the most civil families can clash. And holiday time […]

Is Shyness Holding You Back?

Online dating is a godsend for the shy person. Now you don’t have to go to some intimidating bar to chat up strangers with your hands shaking and your heart racing. Today you can flirt shamelessly, fearlessly from the comforting safety of your computer. But eventually, you have to take your online relationship offline, and that’s where many daters get […]

Making The First Move

It can be very intimidating to make the first move, whether on a dating website or in person. We fear being judged. Many years ago, there was a book called The Rules which stated women should never talk to men first. And though that book was released for a heterosexual audience, I think a lot of queer people have internalized that message as well. […]

Are You Google-able?

After an online date gives me their full name, the first thing I do is look them up on Google. Maybe it’s because I’m a journalist, but I like to know whom I’m dealing with. I don’t think I’m doing a bad or sneaky thing. I just think of it as a way to protect myself. And I can almost […]