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David Bowie

Bowie In A Box

We still miss David Bowie. It’s always difficult to lose any creative legend, but at least Bowie leaves behind an expansive body of work for us to remember him by. Last week, the second in a series of David Bowie boxed sets was released and it’s gonna wow fans old and new. Who Can I Be Now (1974-1976) follows David […]

Win a DAVID BOWIE ‘WHO CAN I BE NOW? (1974-1976)’ CD Boxed Set!

Enter to win a DAVID BOWIE ‘WHO CAN I BE NOW? (1974-1976) CD Boxed Set! DAVID BOWIE WHO CAN I BE NOW? (1974-1976) The second in a series of David Bowie boxed sets!The 12-CD box, 13-LP vinyl set, and digital download feature all of the material officially released by Bowie during the so-called “American” phase of his career from 1974 […]

The 701 Club: Balls, Bisexuals & Bowie

This week, dear followers, I am tackling sin rampant in our world. And offering remembrance on a light gone out. Balls: The sin of gambling has taken root in our country and millions of greedy Americans are in its branches. While it is true that I, as a Christian, am taking a gamble on morality every time I turn on […]

69 With David Bowie

Everyone knows that digital downloads have forever changed the music industry. That’s why it seems we’re being treated to more and more super-deluxe box sets from singers and bands that provide a depth and quality of content that can’t simply be found with a mouse click. Earlier this week, we were all about aha and here we are a mere […]