Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!


Class Act

There are times when we really miss being in school. Mostly because there are no spelling bees in the real world. And we really kicked butt in spelling bees. B-U-T-T. Yet we can still get a taste of our days in lower education in a more adult way—with booze. That’s why we’re looking forward to next week’s back-to-school themed fundraiser […]

Brunch Of The Week: Modern Family-Style

Trying to decide where to go to brunch can be stressful enough. Then choosing what to eat can really test your problem-solving skills. (Oh, that’s why we drink so many mimosas.) But there’s an Uptown favorite that makes brunching fun, easy and super social. Every weekend, The Rustic hosts a Jam & Toast Brunch with family-style eats from 10:00 a.m. […]

Balls All Aglow

We’re taking next week off to be with our family and friends, so here’s one last recommendation for the year. Looking ahead to New Year’s Eve, we want to make sure you know about the city’s big event (although you really should be SITTING WITH US at Chino Chinatown for Drag & Dragons.) However, if you prefer to ring in […]

Happy Hour-lidays!

We don’t know about you, but we’ve officially checked out of work at this point. All we can think about is our next holiday party or any excuse to wear our Santa hat out in public. There’s a new happy hour in the gayborhood that has our name all over it, too. Sure, most of the gay bars along Cedar […]

Ah, Shoot!

Tequila Sheela isn’t just our favorite new name for a drag queen, it’s also our favorite new local booze. In a city known for its barbecue, tacos and abundance of mobile phone stores and banks, it’s about time Dallas gets recognized for its world-class tequila. That’s right, founded by Sheela Marshall and Natalie Merrick, Tequila Sheela is based in Dallas, […]

Shady Wonderland

Drag queens and Christmas. This is what being an adult is all about! Sure, we still get a bit nostalgic watching Rudolph embrace his uniqueness or finding Snow Miser attractive in a sugardaddy sorta way. But that’s all kid’s stuff. We like a little more naughty on our holiday list these days, so we’re thrilled to welcome A Drag Queen […]

Sage Advice For Holiday Getaways

With family and friends descending upon your home this holiday season, it’s a good idea to have an escape plan. Preferably one that doesn’t require a flight out of the country. Or poisoning everyone’s egg nog. Fortunately for those of us living in Dallas, the Hill Country is a close journey down 35. And we’ve just experienced one of the […]

Lights! Cameras! Cocoa!

Even though many of us put up our Christmas tree the moment the leftover turkey was in a Tupperware container, we always love kicking off the season with something more dramatic than what we can achieve with a two-decade-old Trans Siberian Orchestra CD and a few hundred twinkles lights. That’s why you’ll find us at Light Up Lee Park tonight. […]

’Tis Better To Watch Them Receive

The only thing more exciting than being a part of Black Tie Dinner is being there when the beneficiaries get their giant checks. Tomorrow night, the 2016 Wrap Party & Beneficiary Distribution officially closes out this year’s Black Tie Dinner season. Enjoy drinks, music and nibbles at this complimentary event while celebrating with the people who make the big event […]

Wreath Production, Wreath Production!

Why does that headline make us think of Grease 2? Anyway, it’s hard to believe but the holiday season is almost upon us. We’re not ones to rush the season like our neighbors who put up their Christmas tree the millisecond the last trick-or-treater stepped off their property. In fact, it drives us crazy to see holiday stuff before Santa […]