Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!


An App-etizing Way To Make Money

There’s a new smartphone app in Dallas and it could change the way you dine out forever. Introducing Seated, an all-in-one reservations and rewards service that turns dining out into funds that can be spent at a variety of partner businesses, including Amazon, Target, Macy’s and Airbnb. We tried it out this week and think it’s pretty amazing. Here’s a […]

Love, Delivered.

Stupid Cupid. Why do we let a flying baby dictate when we show our love? But here we are again: Valentine’s Day arrives in less than a week and the scramble to find a meaningful gift along with it. Thankfully, DIFFA Dallas has made it easier than ever to find a delightful gift that you and your sweetheart can enjoy […]

E-I-E-I-Ohhh, Yeah!

The term farm-to-table typically describes restaurant fare, but in the days of increased home-cooking, it aptly applies to your dining room table, too. At least now that One Potato meal kits have arrived in Dallas. From healthy-living guru and co-founder of Weelicious.com, Catherine McCord, comes this new organic service. We tried it out the week they launched locally and loved […]

This Is A Job For SUPPERman!

Not all takeout food is created equal. That’s a lesson we’ve all learned since March, but restaurants are getting better at it. And some are even building menus specifically designed to be enjoyed (and easily reheated) at home. Take the brand new SUPPER menu launched on September 30 at Hatchways Café in Victory Park, one of beloved restaurateur Tristan Simon‘s […]

Your To-Go Go-To

Six months to the day. That’s how long it’s been since we’ve eaten at a restaurant. Indoors, anyway. Since March 16 and the kickoff of the Dallas lockdown, we’ve only eaten twice on restaurant patios and the rest has all been takeout. Or curbside grocery pickup. (If you get a big pile of origami from us for Christmas, it’s because […]

Takeout Of The Week: Just Say Dough

Opening a restaurant during a pandemic — and citywide shut-down of dining rooms — should make Khanh Nguyen seem like a crazy person. Instead, we actually think he’s psychic. Because long before all this COVID stuff changed our lives, he had a vision of a take-out-and-delivery-only location in the gayborhood of his popular local pizza chain, ZaLat. Known for offering […]

A Night Out On The Strip

Who’s ready to go to the Crossroads for a burger, beer and a little flirting? We know we’re dying to get back out, but the gayest place for us right now is on the other side of the mirror—staring back at us with so much fruitiness we can hardly stand it. And we’re tired of looking at that guy! Of […]

Happy Hour, Delivered

In our on-demand world, practically everything we could ever want or need is just a click or two away from showing up on our doorstep. Fried chicken. Massages. 45-year-old oil-and-gas executives with foot fetishes. Yet there wasn’t a liquor delivery service that would bring us everything we’d need to throw an epic cocktail party. All that changed two weeks ago […]