Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!


New Schitt To Buy

When life gives you lemons, open an Etsy shop! That’s the philosophy of Dallas’ LGBTQ community sweethearts Mack Campbell (a.k.a. Marsha Dimes) and husband Clay Kulcak, who lost his job as a result of COVID-19 layoffs. Rather than sit around and wallow in self-pity and boxed wine, they created MyFabMerch, a shop filled with pop-culture tees that will resonate with […]

Style By The Tile

Got a blank space, baby? Never fear, Mixtiles can turn an empty wall into a gallery-worthy photo exhibition. We’d been seeing ads for the photo tile app on our Instagram feed for weeks, but never clicked for more information until we had an awkward, asymmetrical space to fill with art. Mixtiles seemed like the perfect solution at the time—and it […]

Foot Fete

There’s a party in your shoes. Or at least there should be. Socks are big business these days and companies keep popping up with their own take on high-fashion foot coverings. But few brands are as fun as Happy Socks, a Swedish company launched in 2008, far ahead of the current trend of playful socks for men.The name Happy Socks […]