Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!


Let’s Make Whoopie (Pies)

We can finally put our Easy-Bake Oven out by the curb. There’s a new bakery opening tomorrow that’s producing better treats than anything we could possibly bake by the heat of a lightbulb (though our dinner party guests are always amazed at our Easy-Bake soufflés). We got a sneak peak at SusieCakes last week and we’re infatuated with the goodies […]

Rap Star

If there’s one thing we learned from being kidnapped by Dr. Phil and forced to make women’s panties from nothing but gummy-bear vitamins and old photos of our dreamy college roommate, it’s to live life to the fullest. We’re not sure if that all really happened or if it was just the Ambien/boxed White Zinfandel combo during an Orange Is […]