Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

DFW Rescue Me


It’s no secret that we love dogs more than people (although we do have quite the fondness of the twins in that photo!). So we’re always looking for ways to give back and help our furry four-legged (and sometimes three-legged) friends. One of our favorite fundraisers, Kibble and Cocktails, returns this April 4 for an eighth year of raising tons […]

Booze, Bites & Bitches

Dogs > cats > people. It’s true. At least in our household (which is run by those two adorable rescue pups above). That’s why we’re all about any event that raises money to help get dogs adopted and otherwise live better, happier lives. Fortunately, Dallas hosts multiple fundraisers each year benefiting animals of all stripes and spots, but our go-to […]

Ruffing It

True confessions: Our first French kiss was with a dog. Not on purpose, of course, but we spent a lot of quality time with our Collie growing up and she had one of the quickest tongues in the west. She got us through a lot of tough times as a teenager, too, because she listened to all our deepest secrets […]

Licker Party

Anyone who knows us at all knows that we love dogs more than people. And we love people a lot. So we jump at any chance we get to support the great work of dog rescue groups. That’s why we’ve been involved in helping Barking Hound Village produce the Kibble & Cocktails fundraiser and we hope you’ll join us this […]

Sip. Stay. Good Dog.

When we see a tail wagging, it makes us happy—but only if it’s attached to a dog. Twerking still does nothing for us. Next Tuesday, we’ll be surrounded by happy pooches and the generous people who love them at the third annual Kibble & Cocktails. And it’s going to be bigger than ever. Presented by Barking Hound Village, doggie hotel […]