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The Future Is Almost Here

Only two-and-a-half weeks stand between you and the fashion event of the season. House of DIFFA: FUTURO rolls out the red carpet on March 16, but you don’t need to […]


You don’t need a time-traveling DeLorean to give a gift from the future. Or more specifically, the Futuro. House of DIFFA: Futuro doesn’t happen until March 16, 2019, but tickets […]

Make The Yuletide Gay (Really Gay)

We’re not even remotely ready for the holiday season, but at least the cold snap this week got us a little bit closer to getting in the spirit. Fortunately, there’s […]

Burgers. Burkas. Burritos. Burlap. Burpees. Burlesque. Burgundy.

Sorry, we got carried away with all the bur- words in the headline. Only two of them are relevant, but to keep things interesting, we’ll leave it up to you […]

You Deserve The ‘Besque

The most fashionable night on the gay calendar is upon us. The sold-out House of DIFFA: Arabesque brings fabulousness to the runway on May 6, but we thrive on spoilers. So we’ll […]

Wreath Production, Wreath Production!

Why does that headline make us think of Grease 2? Anyway, it’s hard to believe but the holiday season is almost upon us. We’re not ones to rush the season […]

Shop Online For Good

We’re in the loop on a lot of things. But sometimes we find ourselves so out of the loop, it’s scary. Take AmazonSmile, a service of that benefits your […]

Weekend Guide: November 12-15

In a week dominated by debates and the moronic, sheep-like boycotting of red coffee cups, we’re ready to escape to a world where people aren’t so stupid. That’ll never be […]

Wreath Witherspoon

Time to awaken your inner Wreatha Franklin. Or maybe you’re more the Keanu Wreaths type. Either way, it’s time for the 20th Annual DIFFA/Dallas Holiday Wreath Collection party and we’re […]

Go To Meating

There are three things that signal the arrival of fall in Dallas: cooler temperatures, hairier hipsters and the smell of seared beef dancing in the wind. Enjoy a minimum of […]