Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!


How’s It Hanging?

We know you’re out there: People who put away their tombstones and spiderwebs on November 1 and immediately replaced them with Christmas trees and garland. If this describes you, buy tickets today for next week’s 26th Annual Holiday Wreath Collection event from DIFFA/Dallas. Enjoy festive holiday cocktails, snack on sweet treats and groove to music by DJ Jen Miller—all while […]

Get Your Buns To B&B

Cue the meat sweats, Burgers & Burgundy is back! Everybody’s favorite propane-fueled fundraiser returns this year with a brand-new location. Now taking place at Peace Plaza at Cathedral of Hope, the event chaired by chef John Tesar and Terri Provencal will feature numerous takes on burger sliders and pair them with the perfect wines. It’s one of many DIFFA/Dallas events […]

No Beach, No Bingo, Only Blankets

When we heard that DIFFA/Dallas was throwing a Sunday Funday Picnic in Klyde Warren Park, we immediately worried about the supply of gingham and seersucker in the city of Dallas dropping to dangerously low levels. Seriously, though, can you imagine the festive picnic fashion you’re going to see? Grab your tickets now for the event on Sunday, June 13 from […]

We Wish You A Hairy Christmas

Normally, we don’t even like to utter the C Word until at least Black Friday. But it’s 2020, so who gives an F. Christmas. Christmas. CHRISTMAS! We realize that we’re in the minority when it comes to the delayed satisfaction that comes with late November/early December holiday decorating and gift purchasing, so we’re giving you plenty of time to order […]

Something Wicked This Way Comes

Autumn is officially in the air. But that doesn’t mean it can’t smell like summer inside your house. Get out the matches and light the wick for a new collection of candles from Dirty Bartender. It’s a collaboration between the candlemakers and DIFFA/Dallas, which comes at a great time since we all really missed having the annual House of DIFFA […]

It’s Almost Here!

Are you a November Firster? You know, one of those people who puts up a Christmas tree and turns on the 24/7 holiday channel immediately after throwing the jack-o-lanterns in the mulcher? Then we have a party for you! (Or anyone who wants to get a jump start on the holiday season.) The annual DIFFA/Dallas Wreath Collection returns Thursday, November […]

Meat Cute

Are you as excited as we are that it’s almost time for another edition of Burgers + Burgundy? The epic fundraiser from DIFFA/Dallas (The Dallas Chapter of Design Industry Foundation Fighting AIDS), celebrity chef John Tesar and Terri Provencal returns with a brand-new venue: Klyde Warren Park. So if you’re into burgers with a view (and wine with a view […]

Burgers. Burkas. Burritos. Burlap. Burpees. Burlesque. Burgundy.

Sorry, we got carried away with all the bur- words in the headline. Only two of them are relevant, but to keep things interesting, we’ll leave it up to you to figure out which two. Don’t worry, you’re about to get a major clue. Next Friday night, October 6, DIFFA Dallas presents its annual Burgers + Burgundy fundraiser under the starry […]

The Bridge To Burgers

We remember when DIFFA/Dallas’ Burgers & Burgundy event was two Big Macs and a box of strawberry-infused chianti. Or maybe that was our house last night. The point is, Burgers & Burgundy has grown into a major event in its eight years to date. Celebrity chef John Tesar returns to host the beefy bonanza and things are bigger than ever […]

Grill On Grill Action

You could go to the State Fair of Texas this weekend, ponder the size of Big Tex appendages and spend well more than $100 to sample a few of the latest fried thingamagoobers and a couple 12-coupon beers. Or you could spend that same C-note for a really good cause. Plus all the burgers, wine and cocktails you could possibly […]