Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!


Hello, Barb-y Girl

Babs is back! Beloved gay icon, Barbra Streisand, debuted a brand-new album yesterday. Walls features original issue-driven songs (see the video for the first single below), as well as melancholy covers of tunes such as Imagine, What a Wonderful World and Happy Days Are Here Again. As always, her luscious voice takes center stage with beautiful and sometimes thought-provoking results. Unlike our beloved Cher who strives to […]

Cher-ing Is Caring

Our love for Cher’s new album falls somewhere between our passion for puppies and vodka. Which is pretty much the highest praise possible. We just finished listening to the entire album, Dancing Queen, out this Friday. The 10-song compilation of ABBA cover tunes might be the most epically perfect pairing in the history of the world. Words can’t even describe how […]

Beg Your Parton?

Could this be one of the best gay weeks ever? First, we have Madonna’s 60th birthday to celebrate tomorrow. Then just one day later, the happiest holiday of them all: Dolly Day! Presented by The Rustic in Uptown, this all-night celebration of the glorious country legend features live music galore from Raised Right Men, Frankie Leonie, Harper Grace, Madison King […]

Hudson News

Last time we saw Jennifer Hudson in Dallas, it was at a wedding where she showed up as a surprise for the two grooms. Because, of course, that’s how the gays roll. Well, the Grammy and Academy Award-winning diva‘s coming back this weekend to Big D for A Night to Remember 2017, the annual gala fundraiser for CitySquare, an organization fighting […]

Lee Lee Land

  Cabernet. Cabaret. Repeat. Cabernet. Cabaret. Repeat. Cabernet. Cabaret. Repeat. That’s our motto starting tonight when one of our all-time favorite performers and Uptown Players scene-stealer, Denise Lee (pictured above), kicks off the third season of the live music series, “Life Is a Cabaret” at the Women’s Museum Building at Fair Park. Tonight’s Valentine’s Day-themed show, Where’s My Candy?, puts the talented […]

Ain’t No Balcony Seat High Enough

Being gay is about more than who we have sex with. It’s a culture, too. One of the most important parts of our history is the music that has provided the soundtrack to LGBT life from the Stonewall riots to Sunday night’s Oscars. Young or old, there are a few essentials that are not just required listening, but mandatory live-performance […]

The Way She Was

Barbra Streisand: Four syllables that embody the pure definition of gay icon. Also, musical goddess. Today, it’s time to go old-school in so many ways. First, by purchasing a Barbra Streisand album in the first place. Second, because her new record Release Me is filled with 11 previously unreleased songs from her private music vault. And finally, because today the […]

Spike's Peak

True story. The other day while on the elliptical machine at the gym, Judge Judy was a re-run. There was a woman suing her ex-husband for a loan she made for him to buy a car so he could get back and forth to the coal mine, but instead he used the money to buy a necklace for his mistress […]

Strei, Strei Again

We now return to Gay List Daily Jeopardy already in progress. Your Final Jeopardy Answer: The elevator, the cocktail lounge on a Carnival Cruise and the gold-leafed home of an old queen flouncing about in a silk caftan. Question: What are three places you’re guaranteed to hear a Barbra Streisand album? We have a winner, Alex! OK, start the angry-letter […]