Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!


Golden Girl Gone Wild

If you’re like us, you’ve been doing a lot of Betty Binge-watching the past few weeks. From The Mary Tyler Moore Show to classic episodes of The Match Game, we’ve been immensely nostalgic for the beloved superstar and we’re ready to do some deeper dives on lesser-known titles. So perfect timing that tomorrow, Disney Plus releases Big Cat Whisperer: Betty […]

For (Mayor) Pete’s Sake

We just finished the Mayor Pete documentary and wow, so many emotions. We’d already blocked out the 2020 election drama but also forgotten what an incredibly magnetic and intelligent candidate Pete Buttigieg really was. The new film debuts today on Amazon Prime Video and goes behind the scenes as the gay South Bend, Indiana mayor throws his hat in the […]

Simply The Fest

If you’re in the need of a road trip to Austin, you might want to consider a last-minute trip in the next two weeks. From tomorrow through September 6, catch films galore at Prism 34, Austin’s aGLIFF (All Genders, Lifestyles, and Identities Film Festival). The festival returns to Austin theaters this year, but you can also access shorts and feature-length […]

Documentaries To Go

Beginning today, Instagram Stories will go a little deeper than your friends’ avocado toast post of the day or requisite selfie getting their first vaccination. Otherly brings viewers a series of seven short, made-for-Instagram documentaries about people finding their place in the world during the 21st century. Created by seven female, non-binary and genderqueer creators, the films explore everything from […]

Fake It ‘Til You Get Caught

Between the pandemic and that little cold snap last week, we’ve blown through every murder documentary we can find. But now we have a palate (and palette) cleanser. Today, Netflix debuts the 2020 documentary, Made You Look: A True Story About Fake Art. Though it doesn’t involve actual murder, the perpetrators of a multi-million-dollar scheme definitely slay the art world. […]

Lucky Pierre

Lights! Models! Guest list! What would the world be without fashion? Naked, that’s what. And we could make a strong argument both for and against that notion. But the more important question today is a little more narrowly focused: What would the world be without Pierre Cardin? Now 98 years old, the iconic fashion designer is the subject of a […]


As someone who has actively avoided exposure to any audio or video of the Moronic Slob in Chief for the sake of mental health, THE FIGHT is a tough movie to watch. But one that shouldn’t be missed. The film starts with the swearing-in of the 45th (and worst by a landslide) President of the United States and only leads […]

A Kinky Tease

Ready to get seduced, all worked up and screaming for more? It’s a fitting premier for Submission Possible, a new Revry original sex-positive docuseries that dives into queer fetishes, kink, and sexual exploration. Starring Madison Young, the “Queen of Kink,” the series follows her as she travels all over, exploring the sensual sides of cities many people don’t know exist. […]

Your Friendly Neighborhood Mom & Pop Porn Shop

In the world of documentaries, there are people like Joe Exotic who absolutely crave the spotlight. And then there are people like Karen Mason, who spends a good portion of Circus of Books asking her documentarian daughter why she’s making this movie and to stop filming her so much. That’s just one of many pleasures of this new Netflix original […]

Riding On The Three-Way Of Love With Joe Exotic

So, you’ve already finished the insane Tiger King on Netflix, have you? Well, if you didn’t get enough of the insanity, you can now catch the full wedding video of the SPOILER ALERT…. We’re warning you, spoilers ahead. Spoiler, spoiler, Spoiler Town. OK, you’ve been warned. The entire three-way wedding of Joe Exotic and his charming companions can be viewed […]