Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!


Great Tequila That Makes The World Better

Why does Taco Tuesday get all the love? We would love to see you Tequila Tuesday take over, quite frankly. After all, it’s one of our favorite summer spirits. Right up there with vodka, gin, rum, whiskey and rosé in a five-liter box with a spout. Seriously, we genuinely love good tequila. Scratch that, we love great tequila. So when we […]

Give, Give, Give This Year

We’ve learned many things about ourselves since sheltering in place began in March. And most of them show how much of our lives were dictated by wants instead of needs. For instance, we haven’t had a haircut in eight months (mostly because it’s fun to see what happens with our ever-lengthening rat’s nest, but also because we’re limiting our interactions […]

Out Of The Closet

Ready to join the purge? No, we don’t mean those Purge movies. Or the TV series. Or even that purge-themed Rick and Morty episode. Instead, the kind of purge we’re talking about will make you feel good—without a single murder. Oak Lawn United Methodist Church hosts a Drive ‘n’ Drop donation event this Saturday, so you have some time to […]

Granting Wishes With Tiramisu

We love to multitask. Which is why we’re writing this while getting a pedicure in an Uber on the way to a lunch meeting. (We’re trying to block out the Spanish vocabulary lessons playing on the stereo, but no promises.) So anytime we can accomplish more than one thing at once, we’re all about it. That’s why the “Eat A […]

Back Into The Closet You Go

It’s not often we suggest gays go back in the closet, but this is the best excuse we’ve ever had. This Saturday at the Granite Room inside Station 4, Impulse Group Dallas is joining forces with Out of The Closet for Deck the Hauls!, a clothing drive and holiday party that shouldn’t be missed. Dig through your drawers and shuffle […]

Be A Holiday Hero

Don’t fall into the last-minute gift trap. You know, the one where you’re at the mall on Christmas Eve with bags full of crap nobody will ever really want. It’s a move fueled by desperation and completely unnecessary. Because chances are, if you’ve waited that long to buy something for someone, you really don’t know what they want or need. […]

Sweet Charities

Charity begins at home—on your laptop. Because let’s face it, not every charitable contribution has to be accompanied by an open bar and a swag bag. Sometimes, it’s good to give generously without a big party as a backdrop. And that’s what’s happening tomorrow from 6:00 a.m. to midnight during the sixth North Texas Giving Day. Last year, more than […]

Fight For Their Freedom

This Fourth of July weekend, in between Roman candle fights, hot dog eating competitions and sex with watermelons, take some time to think of others. As Americans, we take so many freedoms for granted 99.9% of the time. As LGBT Americans, we may not yet have full equality, but we’re experiencing unprecedented advances. Yet there are thousands of LGBT people […]