Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!


Blanche Takes A Fist

Thank you for being…made of felt. That’s what we imagine the puppet versions of Dorothy, Rose, Blanche and Sophia saying to each other behind the scenes of The Golden Girls Show! That, and trading one-liners over plastic cheesecake while trying to ignore the fact that a human hand is inside them. In case you missed the early-bird-special announcement on our […]


Stop us if you’ve heard this already: We can live the rest of our lives without ever seeing The Wizard of Oz again. Never liked it, never will. (And no, we won’t surrender our Gay Card.) However, we know it’s beloved by millions, so we’re not going to let our personal prejudice against singing lions and dancing radiators get in […]

Sophia’s Choice

It’s no secret how much we love The Golden Girls. Over the years we’ve written about all sorts of things inspired by the foursome of sassy seniors, including prayer candles, bobble heads and a full line of Blanche Devereaux sex toys. (OK, that last one isn’t real. Yet. We’re taking it to Shark Tank next season.) Yesterday the big news hit that the board game Clue […]

Wobbly, Bobbly, Sex-Crazed Seniors

This one time in St. Olaf… The Golden Girls is one of those shows that shaped our sense of humor and helped us tap into our gay side more than any other TV series growing up. Well, except maybe Wonder Woman who taught us to twirl with abandon (and tie people up to get them to confess things to us). […]