Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Drag Queen

Alaska, Trip

Just in time for all those Thanksgiving road trips, airport layovers or general avoidance of your unchosen family: Alaska Thunderfuck 5000 has released a book, My Name’s Yours, What’s Alaska: A Memoir. And it’s delightful. Available in audiobook, e-book and good old-fashioned hardcover, the tome chronicles her life so far, delving into the circumstances and twists of fate that turned […]

Jamie’s Something To Talk About

Everybody’s Talking About Jamie. And you’re probably talking about this movie, too, because it’s been highly anticipated ever since the stage musical debuted in London’s West End back in 2017. There was a glitch with our preview screener, so we didn’t get to watch it in advance. That means you can go in without any preconceived opinions, but we sure […]

Like Sands Through The Hourglass

Happy Labor Day! If you had a crazy weekend like ours, perhaps you need to soap up for an hour. With a little Days of Our Lives. Today, Peacock launches the first-ever limited one-week series, Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem. To be completely honest, we’ve never watched the regular series (we were always Team One Life To Live), but […]

The Men Behind The Makeup

On RuPaul’s Drag Race, we always get to see the drag superstars-in-the-making au natural, both in the workroom between challenges and during the on-camera confessionals. Yet so many of our beloved drag queens’ male alter-egos remain a mystery. Case in point: easily our favorite drag persona on the planet, Miss Richfield 1981 (portrayed by Russ K.), and Simply Barbra (brought […]

Alyssa Edwards Is A Great Sport

We’re terribly unathletic. We still have PTSD from getting picked last every single time for every single sport in P.E. class. Except Smear the Queer. Remember that horribly named game? For some reason, we always got picked first for that one. Sheesh. Our story’s not unique, but for every gay boy who was bullied in school sports, there was probably […]

Bleach Banquette Bingo

G, how we’ve missed B-ing N the company of other people. And, O, the joy of seeing them I to I. (And not on Zoom.) Of the many, many, many things we’ve longed to have back in our lives over the past 13 months, bingo ranks right up there at the top. Fortunately, on May 13 the CANVAS Hotel gives […]

Where To Get Your Wigs & Eggs This Weekend

Those in Fort Worth have an option for drag brunch, too, so those of us in Dallas can no longer claim exclusivity for access to wigs, waffles, high heels and huevos. MyOhMy The Show presents its popular Drag With Me Brunch this Saturday and pretty much every Saturday for the foreseeable future. And if you’re visiting Cowtown for this event, […]

Everyone Will Be Watching

In a year hijacked by the Grinch himself, we know we can turn to Marsha Dimes to lift our spirits even higher than her tittays. She’s been doing fundraising all year like a good girl, but A Marsha Dimes Christmas Special will be the do-gooding-est virtual shindig of them all. Featuring a gaggle of special guests, including DeManda Refund, Ginni […]

A Very 2020 Christmas

For nearly the entire year, it’s felt like the world has been on fire—both figuratively and literally. But holiday traditions are one way we’ll get through to the other side, and that includes drag superstar Jackie Beat’s annual holiday show. This year, she presents Christmas Is Not Canceled, a live virtual celebration absolutely jam-packed with guest stars. Calpernia Addams, Alaska, […]

Brunch Like A Virgin

There’s no shortage of drag brunches in Dallas these days—not that we’re complaining one bit. Our favorite queens need the work and we definitely need the escape from all things 2020. The latest on the scene is the recently launched series, The Last Virgin Drag Brunch at The Kitchen inside The Commons Club inside Virgin Hotels Dallas. Jenni P hosts […]