Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!


Bleach Banquette Bingo

G, how we’ve missed B-ing N the company of other people. And, O, the joy of seeing them I to I. (And not on Zoom.) Of the many, many, many things we’ve longed to have back in our lives over the past 13 months, bingo ranks right up there at the top. Fortunately, on May 13 the CANVAS Hotel gives […]

Let’s Get Soaking Wet

We interrupt our regularly scheduled Brunch of the Week feature to bring you this important Pride Week update: The weather forecast calls for a hot one on Saturday, so what better way to cool off than with a bunch of other mostly naked folks? That’s exactly what to expect at the special Pride Edition of SUNLIFE, a daytime dance and […]

When They Go Low, We Go Lowest

Kick off April in the most unfoolish way possible. Whether you want to try your hand at shucking oysters at Rapscallion, pressing your own t-shirt at Bullzerk or learning how to infuse booze at The Libertine Bar, Experience Lowest Greenville might just be the coolest way to get to know the East Dallas entertainment district better than ever before. A full day […]

Rocky Mountain Gays

Assume the missionary position now. Because you’re headed to Salt Lake City, a surprisingly awesome gay destination. The home base for homo-hating Mormons may not sound like an ideal place to vacation, but once The Advocate named it the best gay city in 2012, we had to check it out for ourselves. And boy are we glad we did. SLEEP […]

Suck In Style

Plastic straws have become so bourgeois. So environmentally unfriendly. So, well, sucky. But we’ve found some great hand-blown glass straws that you can keep with you at all times. People will probably think you’re a big-time celebrity (one they don’t recognize, but still). In fact, when not flashing her royal tatitas to sneaky paparazzi, these could be the very straws […]

Momma Likey

Remember when the word “mixer” used to mean a party with other church kids, often ending in Bible verse-offs and Kumbaya competitions? At least that’s how it used to be in our repressed childhood world. Now that we’re all grown up and jaded beyond recognition, all we think of is cocktails. (And not just when we hear mixer spoken, either.) […]

Peace On Earth, Mercy Mild

Careful. That box of wine you’re about to drink with lunch could leave you feeling pretty awful when you wake up from your blackout nap. And we know why. We’ve uncovered some shocking research data and even though we don’t normally delve into serious topics, we’re ready to share the breaking news with you. (It must be the Barbara Walters […]