Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Easter Basket Auction

Ooooh! I’ll Take That One!

Tiskets, taskets, a room full of really awesome stuff in baskets. That’s what you’ll find this weekend at the annual Easter Basket Auction at the Round-Up. Preview a bevvy of bunny and non-bunny-related collections of goodies tomorrow night in the Parlor. Then show up after Easter in Lee Park on Sunday for a lively auction with proceeds benefiting Resource Center & TGRA […]

All Your Eggs In Several Baskets

There’s Sunday Funday. And then there’s Easter Sunday Funday, an afternoon filled with endless opportunities for springtime shenanigans. One of our favorites is the annual Easter Basket Auction at The Round-Up where all sorts of goodies are bundled together to sell to the highest bidder. To get an idea what’s up for grabs, head to the Parlor on Saturday night […]