Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!


The Whole Kit & John’s Caboodle

If you’re not watching EastSiders on Vimeo already, here’s another nudge. We simply adore this hilarious dark comedy about a group of gay men and their California (mis)adventures. Now in its second season, it’s well worth the rental or purchase price. As fans of the show, we can’t get enough of these guys. And creators Kit Williamson and John Haibach […]

Strange, Sexy Bedfellows

There’s binge-watching. And then there’s full-on Seven Deadly Sins TV viewing. That’s exactly what we encountered with the first season of EastSiders, the online TV series about two gay guys (Mad Men’s Kit Williamson and As the World Turns’ Van Hansis) whose lives are sent reeling after one of them is caught cheating. We experienced Envy because we want to look […]