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Easy Recipes

Justin’s ‘Bend-And-Snap’ Peas

Just like the classic maneuver from Legally Blonde, this recipe “works every time.” In an effort to see each other outside of the gym, the club, or the next weekend’s […]

Jarred’s Buttermilk Pie

Jarred is a real-life chef, owns two restaurants (EAT new orleans and Vacherie) and makes our cooking look like little girls pestering their mothers in the kitchen… and wearing their heels. We were […]

Bruschetta a la ‘mo

This bruschetta a la ‘mo recipe is insanely easy, and delivers a crazy amount of flavor for the effort. It is the perfect party appetizer to show off all your […]

Muscle Muffins

When it comes to keeping up with the Gay Joneses, a strict workout regimen and equally disciplined diet is key. And a healthy dose of body dysmorphia doesn’t hurt either. This […]