Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!


Toronto: Eats

In Toronto, even the milk is gay. But there are numerous other great homo tastes, as well. On the outskirts of the Gay Village is a charming little restaurant called Wish. While it wasn’t our absolute favorite place for food, it was one of the top places we found for a killer cocktail. So start the evening here before downgrading […]

Pittsburgh: Eats

Every great city has its signature dish. Philadelphia has its cheesesteak. Boston, clam chowder. And though it may not be official, for us there’s one thing you have to order in Pittsburgh: A Primanti Bros. Sandwich. Originally designed for truck drivers to truly be able to have a meal in a sandwich, this behemoth comes with your choice of meat […]

Shreveport: Eats

In Louisiana, no one can hear you scream…that you’re hungry. Because they’re hellbent on feeding you, and feeding you well. From traditional Cajun influences to fine dining, there’s something for everyone. At Columbia Cafe, a charming little bungalow, breakfast is the order of the day. Known for flavorful omelettes, it’s a hip and funky place. Even though the waitress we […]