Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Ellen Page

Cultural Exchange

One of the main reasons we travel is to experience other cultures first-hand. And hopefully in a non-touristy way. Last year Viceland debuted a new docu-series called Gaycation, starring Ellen Page and her BFF Ian Daniel. Over four episodes and a little more than three hours of footage, they explored the LGBTQ cultures in Japan, Brazil, Jamaica and the United […]

A Page Out Of The “Great Acting” Book

Now that you’ve plowed through all eight episodes of Stranger Things, you probably have a gaping hole in your Netflix queue. Well, there’s a great little drama just waiting for your love. Starring the always amazing Allison Janney and out actor Ellen Page, Tallulah is a powerful film about a kidnapping and the vastly different perspectives of three women evaluating […]

Vicey Proposition

Last week, The New Yorker came to life in video. This week, it’s VICE’s turn. But instead of a single show with the magazine’s signature storytelling style, they’re launching an entire 24/7 network on February 29. Programming will be available on many platforms, including computers, iOS, Android, Roku, AppleTV and good old-fashioned cable television. Several new shows are part of […]