Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!


Tray Cool (& Hot, Too)

Party Truth #17: If you arrive to an event three hours after start time, it’s probably not a good idea to eat the sushi that’s been sitting out since the beginning. Party Truth #64: Sneaking off to the bathroom with the hostess’ husband is considered rude in most cultures. Party Truth #106: Serving (and eating) food on a SPARQ Oven-to-Table […]

Legitimate Grape

Break out the heavy-duty Spanx, elastic-waist pants and festive holiday vests – anything to hide your about-to-expand gut, because holiday eating and drinking season is about to kick off in full force. So we’ve found three versatile, go-to wines for dinner parties, hostess gifts or general beneath-the-Christmas-tree drunken shenanigans. Each is distinct, delicious, and extremely food friendly. Most of all, […]

Pit Happens

Somebody recently told us that it’s football season. And that means lots of parties, which we can only assume are centered around delectable morsels of healthy snacks accompanied by copious amounts of Mimosas and Cosmopolitans. But because we’ve never been invited to a football watching party, we’ll simply have to guess. No matter what type of soiree you’re hosting, however, […]