Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!


The 701 Club: Designers, Declarers & Deviants

I am on FIRE this week. Handle with care. Designers: Lord help us! Hollyweird awards season is upon us. Famous women pushing the envelope of good taste with gravity defying dress disasters, famous men thinking that a tux will excuse bad grooming, and all of them trying to look like they’re glad to be there. I watched the first parade of […]

Happy Anniversary, Baby

Please allow me a bit of an indulgence with this week’s column. (As if you don’t every week.) But this is the evening of our anniversary, so that has rather been at the top of my mind today. It’s not one of those milestone anniversary years ending in zero and, therefore, not significant enough to warrant something like a reception. […]


Certain Broadway shows don’t seem ideal for teens to perform. Hair. Oh, Calcutta! The Book of Mormon. Avenue Q. The list isn’t long, but we always thought RENT would be right up there toward the top. But we’d be wrong. That’s because there’s actually a school edition of RENT that tones down some of the adult content a bit, but […]

Sexy & 17

Every year for the past 17 years, there have been several things we can count on like clockwork. The number of times we get up to pee each night increases by .176%. Our ability to tolerate children in public decreases by .667%. And, to add one non-complainy-old-man entry to the list, Theatre Three presents I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now […]

The 701 Club: Grief, Goals & Glitter

Look behind, look ahead, look to prayer. Look at this. Grief: I exhort you all to remember in prayer the lives of Sister Debbie Reynolds and her daughter, Carrie Fisher.  I had the privilege of working in ministry with both of these Sister-in-Christ. While my experience with Sister Carrie was a roller coaster of unexpected twists, my work with Sister Debbie […]

Wrapped In A Bowie

Well, we made it. 2017. No more having to read about how crappy 2016 was. Instead, we’re going to look ahead while celebrating the positive in our lives. This weekend, however, the celebrations will be a little bittersweet as we remember the greatness that was David Bowie at the Texas Theatre. The tribute to the legend, Forever Bowie–A Birthday Salute […]

Balls All Aglow

We’re taking next week off to be with our family and friends, so here’s one last recommendation for the year. Looking ahead to New Year’s Eve, we want to make sure you know about the city’s big event (although you really should be SITTING WITH US at Chino Chinatown for Drag & Dragons.) However, if you prefer to ring in […]

We Need A Little Christmas

I just wrote a column with the title “The Winter of Our Discontent.” It had references to Shakespeare, Steinbeck, Bertha Bumiller and Regina Giddens, but it was just a little dark. Okay, it was very dark. I realized I had to rethink it when I found myself threatening to pull a Cher to slap someone out of it. And this […]

Happy Hour-lidays!

We don’t know about you, but we’ve officially checked out of work at this point. All we can think about is our next holiday party or any excuse to wear our Santa hat out in public. There’s a new happy hour in the gayborhood that has our name all over it, too. Sure, most of the gay bars along Cedar […]

The 701 Club: Gulag, Gas & Gabor

The world is spinning out of control, with Russia and Hungary making the news. Heed these thoughts. Gulag: If Russia technoviks did indeed hack into our election process, then the love affair between Donnie and Vladimir appears to intensifying. And if THAT is the case, I’m not having new stationery printed until I feel certain that the home city of my […]