Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!


Class Act

There are times when we really miss being in school. Mostly because there are no spelling bees in the real world. And we really kicked butt in spelling bees. B-U-T-T. Yet we can still get a taste of our days in lower education in a more adult way—with booze. That’s why we’re looking forward to next week’s back-to-school themed fundraiser […]

Sleeping Around San Diego

Chances are you wish you were cold right now. Not nips-poking-through-your-shirt cold, but comfortably cool. We know we are, which is why we’re dreaming of the San Diego area 24/7. Anywhere but Dallas, really. We just got back from a quick weekend to SoCal and darn if patio heaters at night in August aren’t something we could get really used […]

Hung, By The Chimney

We used to think if we hung any undergarment on the mantle on Christmas Eve that Santa would fill it with goodies. So one year, we put our theory to the test. Wide-eyed and excited the next morning, we came downstairs and found our tube socks filled with all sorts of fruit and candy. Yippee! Our mother’s giant granny panties […]

To Zombie Or Not To Zombie

The good thing about a zombie party is that even if you forget to dress up, all you have to do is contort your body a bit, stare blankly into the distance, and moan like you’re in utter agony. Sort of like sex with Donald Trump. This Friday, the annual Zombie Pub Crawl invades the Caven bars of Cedar Springs: TMC, […]

By George!

This weekend’s gonna be huge for fans of Seinfeld. Also, fans of Broadway. Not to mention anyone who loves to laugh. And if you’re fall into all three categories, you’ll truly be in paradise. That’s because Tony Award-winning actor Jason Alexander joins the Dallas Symphony Orchestra for three shows from tonight to Sunday for a musical extravanza filled with show […]

Sexy & 17

Every year for the past 17 years, there have been several things we can count on like clockwork. The number of times we get up to pee each night increases by .176%. Our ability to tolerate children in public decreases by .667%. And, to add one non-complainy-old-man entry to the list, Theatre Three presents I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now […]

Wrapped In A Bowie

Well, we made it. 2017. No more having to read about how crappy 2016 was. Instead, we’re going to look ahead while celebrating the positive in our lives. This weekend, however, the celebrations will be a little bittersweet as we remember the greatness that was David Bowie at the Texas Theatre. The tribute to the legend, Forever Bowie–A Birthday Salute […]

Balls All Aglow

We’re taking next week off to be with our family and friends, so here’s one last recommendation for the year. Looking ahead to New Year’s Eve, we want to make sure you know about the city’s big event (although you really should be SITTING WITH US at Chino Chinatown for Drag & Dragons.) However, if you prefer to ring in […]

Happy Hour-lidays!

We don’t know about you, but we’ve officially checked out of work at this point. All we can think about is our next holiday party or any excuse to wear our Santa hat out in public. There’s a new happy hour in the gayborhood that has our name all over it, too. Sure, most of the gay bars along Cedar […]

Mormie Dearest

In a season of miracles, it’s still possible to score tickets to the hottest show in town. The Book of Mormon returns tonight to the AT&T Performing Arts Center Winspear Opera House for an end-of-year run that’ll quickly (and thankfully) get you humming tunes other than Jingle Bells. Or anything about a hippo. Not to mention any of Celine Dion’s […]

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