Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!


A Pineapple For You

Don’t tell mama, but we’re about to get a little naughty this week. That’s because one of the all-time great Broadway musicals is coming to an intimate setting in an old church (where all sorts of naughty things probably happened back in its heyday). Arts Mission Oak Cliff presents Cabaret in an updated production where the audience sits in the […]

Marg Your Calendars

This heat has got to go. There is a bright side, however. We can drink cocktails at all hours of the day and nobody will judge us—as long as they’re served with plenty of ice so we can chalk it up to “hydration.” Well, this Saturday we have at least 15 tequila concoctions in our future as the Dallas Margarita […]

A Big Gay Scandal

We live for season finales. From old-school Dynasty cliffhangers to shocking deaths on Ozark, we love the drama. Well, from August 19 to 28, Uptown Players puts an exclamation point on its multi-show run with Douglas Carter Beane’s The Little Dog Laughed. The story follows a gay man who pretends to be in a relationship with a woman to avoid […]

Eat, Drink & Be Sciency

When the clock struck midnight on Monday, we did what we do every year: We declared our August Resolutions! They’re pretty much the same as New Year’s Resolutions, except, well, in the summer. This year, we decided to try something different every day of the month. So now that we can cross strep throat off our list, along with pulling […]

Another Man’s Treasures

Our favorite part about hooking up at somebody else’s house? Going through his drawers when he’s making us waffles the next morning. Well, now we can have a similar voyeuristic payoff by digging for somebody else’s things when Unclaimed Baggage rolls into town for a one-day experience. It all goes down Saturday, August 6 at Dallas Farmers Market. Stop by […]

Who, What, When, Where, Wine

In this summer heat, we’re not sure we’ll take place in this month’s Cedar Springs Merchant Association Wine Walk. Yes, we’ll be there, but it’ll be more of a Wine Sprint between locations to minimize our exposure to the blistering hot pavement and treacherous humidity. Otherwise, it’s the same great wine walk we all know and love. Purchase a $10 […]

Shiny New Drag Queens

If you’re as bummed as we are about the All Stars All Winners season of RuPaul’s Drag Race being over (we won’t spoil who won if you still haven’t seen it, but damn are we happy with the outcome!) Anyway, the best fix for the absence of a drag competition in your life is seeing one in person—close enough to […]

For The Love Of All That’s Holey

So many holes, so little time. But if you like your holes of the corn variety, you’re in luck this weekend as The Round-Up Saloon and Pride Sports Dallas present The Round-Up Dallas Open, A Texas Cornhole Tournament. Register ASAP to secure your spot (scroll to the bottom of the registration page). There’s a $250 cash prize up for grabs, […]

Take Me Out To The Bar Game

We can count on one hand the number of times we’ve been to a professional sporting event. And even on those rare occasions, we only went for the food and drinks. (And maybe stare at a few hot players between bites and sips.) So when we heard about the Arlington All-Star Craft Beer, Wine, and Cocktail Festival this Saturday at […]

Kings, Queens & Everything-in-Betweens For A Day

Our high school prom was OK. Nothing too traumatic, nothing too great—simply middle-of-the-road high-school mediocrity. So whenever we see a movie, TV show, or in this case, Broadway musical, about the big right-of-passage dance party, we tend to relive our youth vicariously. Especially because it’s always a more exciting version unfolding before us with way hotter people and far better […]