Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!


Shady Sounds

Hear ye, hear ye! Bluetooth devices just got really, really shady—and that’s a wonderful thing. Lucyd Eyewear recently launched a killer pair of high-tech glasses: Lucyd LOUD. These stylish frames come loaded with bone-conduction speakers that deliver great sound and the ability to take phone calls without the obstruction of traditional headphones or earbuds. We were a little skeptical about […]

Don’t! Move! That! Bus!

If you’re like us, several of your friends bragged about the fab Warby Parker party that happened this past Saturday night. And if you’re like us, you weren’t able to make it because you were busy volunteering at the penguin orphanage. But that’s ok. Who needs a party when there’s fantastic eyewear at incredible bargains? For several days through January […]

Creative Vision

Walking into a big party and spotting someone across the room wearing the same exact outfit is one of the biggest gay nightmares. (It’s the sad, sad phenomenon known as the H&M Effect.) As gay men, many of us thrive on individuality. That’s why we’re mad for the most exciting eyewear company we’ve ever encountered. Introducing Indivijual, a company that […]

Shady Deal

Between the recent solar eclipse, the transit of Venus across the sun and our never-ending battle to avoid being recognized by the paparazzi, sunglasses are an important part of our lives. So when we find a great deal, we like to share the good news like a fanatical Bible salesman at a summer camp for Buddhists. And this week, Eyefly.com […]

Clark Kent on a Budget

When we were in the Witness Protection Program back in 2002 (after ratting out key members of the gay mafia), we were given two choices. One, go under the knife for complete facial reassignment surgery. Or two, take a cue from Superman and simply put on a pair of chunky glasses to fool everyone. Considering that we’ve made millions showcasing […]