Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!


We All Scream For Ginseng

And we just thought we’d sampled some great skincare products. Then 3LAB sends us a trio of products that blew our mind – without causing a single extra wrinkle. Their product experts have developed three new products: The Cream, The Eye Cream and The Serum, each formulated with the best quality ginseng root. Add to that a Yin Yang extract […]

Rubbing Your Face In It

The secrets to long-lasting youth (besides marrying rich) are working out, eating right and staying out of the sun. Or at least wearing a really good sunscreen. All the dermatologists, spa aestheticians and roadside lotion peddlers we’ve ever talked to disagree about the proper SPF for facial use, so it’s always hard to know what’s right. For us, we prefer […]

Pore Thing

For those of us with dashing good looks and little to no marketable talents, our faces are everything. They’re how we get seated at the best tables without reservations. They’re what we use to score free drinks in every gay bar on the planet. And they’re the reason Brad Pitt continues to send us threatening letters to “cease and desist […]

Auf Weidersehen, Wrinkles!

Germans do many things well. They make a mean sausage and sauerkraut. Their cars are full of Fahrvergnügen. And when they procreate, the result is many a fine specimen of man. Der yummy! Therefore it shouldn’t be shocking that they’ve created an amazing skin care line that is one of the most luxurious we’ve ever tried – even if the […]

Stem Cells For Your Face

When we think of stem cells, we immediately think about embryos, controversy and beautiful skin. That’s because we used to use this really expensive anti-wrinkle cream endorsed by Jessica Simpson called EmbryoActiv. But like Soylent Green, which was made of people, the general public wasn’t ready for a skincare product made of babies. And so we began to age. Ungracefully. […]