Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!


You’re The Top (Of My Feed)

I found out something this week I didn’t know, and it wasn’t something I had known but just forgotten—which happens with more frequency these days. (Please don’t show this admission to my husband—he needs to think he’s the forgetful one.) But what I hadn’t forgotten was reading a book called Bette and Joan: The Divine Feud when it was first […]

The 701 Club: Fraud, F****t & Finger

Why must I have to rebuke during this joyous season?  Read on and understand. Fraud: A “preacher” in Amarillo, Texas recently staked out a spot near Santa Claus at a local mall where he proceeded to heckle parents and children alike for their belief in the bearded fat man. The fine pastor announced such things as “there is no such […]

Follow This Guy On Instagram

Tired of Instagram feeds filled with poorly lit shots of people’s food? Or nonstop feeds of their children/cats/dogs/Vice Presidential running mates? Well, we have the cure.His name is Angelo Nairod and he’s an artist and photographer based in Italy. Yesterday, a friend turned us on to his Instagram, Facebook and Flickr accounts, raving about his work. And we completely agree. […]

Unlike Anything You’ve Seen

We still get a lot of useful information via Facebook. And a lot of status updates that are pointless as shit. If you’re checking in at Marshall’s with nary an ironic quip (or at least a selfie from the dressing room), that’s useless. If you’re uploading every vacation photo without editing out the bad ones or the dozens of almost-identical […]

Facebook Could Land You a Dream Vacation

Finally, we’re about to get something out of Facebook besides how many pigs and bails of hay Aunt Marsha needs in Farmville. Even better, it’s going to feed our need for earning AAdvantage® Miles on American Airlines. Because earning miles is just one of our many, many addictions. Now, all you have to do is “like” the AAdvantage Program on […]