Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

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But You Are, Blanche, You Are In That Theater Chair!

Forget what you’ve read from every movie critic on the planet. In the vast cinematic universe, What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? will always be one of the best films ever. And certainly one of the all-time campiest. Fortunately for fans of the movie (or anyone who’s never had the privilege of seeing the Joan Crawford-Bette Davis Overacting Bitchfest Extravaganzapalooza) […]

Picture It: The Golden Girls On The Big Screen

If you’re like most gay men, you can quote nearly every one-liner from the seven-season run of The Golden Girls. But you’ve probably never seen Dorothy, Rose, Blanche and Sophia together on the silver screen. Well, prepare for an Attack of 50-foot Senior Women this September as Fathom Events presents Forever Golden! A Celebration of the Golden Girls at several […]

LOL – Emphasis On The O

The most stressful thing about being in the audience at a standup show is having to get up to pee and worrying about being incorporated into the comedian’s act. Well, there’s an LGBT standup show coming on July 24 that alleviates those fears completely! That’s because OUT on Stage takes place in a movie theater. Presented by Fathom Events, the one-night-only […]

The O.G. Men-in-Drag Movie

Every men-wearing-dresses comedy owes a debt to the success of one movie: Some LIke It Hot. Without it, there’d be no Priscilla: Queen of the Desert. No To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar.  And definitely no Braveheart.  Well, Some Like It Hot is back in theaters for a limited engagement thanks to TCM Big Screen Classics and Fathom Events. So if you’ve never seen […]