Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!


Pride & Tide

Don’t settle for cake by the ocean when you can have beefcake by the ocean! Pride season is upon us, but there’s no reason to wait until June thanks to Miami Beach Gay Pride. The oceanfront celebration kicks off on April 2 for a week of big gay event culminating in the 10th annual parade on Sunday, April 8 along […]

Fave Five: Hot Fun In The Summertime

As we bid adieu to July, we thought it was the perfect time to present a FAVE FIVE collection of things we’ve been loving all summer long. From fierce music videos to must-have products, here’s a handful of fabulousness hand-picked just for you. 1. “I Am Peaceman” SIR IVAN, featuring Debbie Gibson This song came out earlier in the summer, […]

FAVE FIVE: Gay Multimedia Edition

Welcome to another edition of FAVE FIVE, the place where you get to binge on great products we’re passionate about. This week, it’s all about media, from books to movies to music videos that every gay men (and well, anyone with good taste) should love. (Hint: There’s Dolly Parton up in here.) Click the NEXT button above for five things we’re […]

Fave Five: Our Current Obsessions

It’s the weekend and we’re suffering from a serious case of short attention span. But that’s good news for you because we have five things to share with you today instead of the usual one.Because five of anything is better than one. Ask any orgy planner. Click the NEXT button above for five things we’re obsessing over this very moment.

Fave Five: 5 Things We Love Right Now

We’re lovers, not likers. That’s because when we find a great product or service, we tend to become utterly infatuated with it. Just like we did with our first junior high boy crush. Click the NEXT button above for five things we’re obsessing over this very moment.

Fave Five: The Craziest Gay Fiverr Services

We’ve known people to do some odd things for five bucks. Things we can’t reprint here. Or tell our mom about. But the $5 global marketplace Fiverr is home to a vast array of services in exchange for a crisp Abe Lincoln. From web site design to turning your photo into a cartoon cat, we don’t know how it’s worth […]

Fave Five: Alaska Thunderf*ck

Alaska Thunderfuck gave her Anus to the world a couple weeks ago. And when we wrote about it, we asked the drag superstar to sit down and tell us about her latest obsessions for our Fave Five series. Her list is a collection of glamour items, tech gadgets and a little blatant self-promotion. What, were you expecting the cure for […]

Fave Five: Love, Pride & Merbears

It’s Pride Weekend in NYC, and even though I’m not there (boo!), I’m feeling full of it. My five favorite things of the week celebrate love, pride and keeping glittery clean…well, except my mind. Some things will always be filthy. Photo Credit: Glynnis Jones / Shutterstock.com

Fave Five: Food for the Soul, Tummy & Eyes

My Fave Fives for this week are good to the soul, the stomach, the heart and the eyes…especially the eyes. Jordan Bach Motivational, inspirational, hot. Those words, not necessarily in that order, are easily the three most accurate adjectives to describe spiritual guru Jordan Bach. You may know him from Logo’s “Secret Guide to Fabulous” or maybe just from his […]

Fave Five: Cuties, Classics, Traffic & Trolls

Crushes come and go, but socks are forever. Wait, that’s not right. Maybe it’s classic movies I’m thinking of. Sure, let’s go with that…and all my other faves of the week. Michael Urie I’m crushing so hard on Michael Urie these days. He’s adorable, funny, quirky and sooo cute. (Yes, I realize that makes me sound like a tween girl.) […]