Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!


Brunch Of The Week: There’s Got To Be A Morning After

Eat all the things. If this is your dining motto, you probably already know about the Dallas Observer‘s famous Morning After Brunch, celebrating its third edition on Saturday, February 8. The past three years have sold out, so we wanted to give you ample opportunity to secure tickets to this festive fête featuring a practically unlimited variety of brunch food and […]

5K Será Será

Click here, then sing along! When I was just a little boredI asked my mother what will I doWill I go shopping, will I have brunch Here’s what she said in lieu… 5K Será SeráThe LifeWalk will be Sun-deeFor Prism Health funds they need5K Será Será Do you have a team? You can stop singing now (but we dare you […]

Fair-y Pride

Change never comes easy. Some people love the idea of starting over while others prefer to keep things status quo forever. That couldn’t be truer of this year’s Dallas Pride celebrations (including the Alan Ross Texas Freedom Parade), which have moved from September in the gayborhood to June in Fair Park. We’ve seen plenty of praise and complaints alike and […]

Wine To Spare!

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it 437 times: The world needs more paloozas. It just makes everything sound more, well, FUN. Do you think Trump would’ve been mad for two years if it had been called Muellerpalooza? Of course, he would’ve still been pissed, but it would’ve been entertaining for us, at least. Well, this Sunday there’s a […]

Have The Time Of Your Lime

Salt or no salt? Lime or mango? Frozen or on the rocks? One or several dozen? We all like our margaritas a certain way and you’ll surely find your favorite style this Sunday at the 8th annual Dallas Margarita Meltdown. Purchase a sampling card for $40 and get a one-ounce pour of more than 30 different margaritas. Upgrade to VIP for […]

Oscar Wild

Every year we make the same pledge. And every year we fail. No, we’re not talking about our annual giving-up-drinking-eat-healthier New Year’s Resolution charade. We’re talking about seeing all the Academy Awards Best Picture nominees. Some theater chains re-release the films for marathon viewing over a couple days, but we can’t handle that much time in a seated position. Kneeling, […]

Party Tonight With Latino Pride

Pride Month is almost over. But that doesn’t mean it’s too early to start looking forward to Dallas Pride in September. And Texas Latino Pride this October 14. The latter kicks off its celebration 105 days in advance of the event with a party tonight to reveal this year’s beneficiary and get everyone in the mood for the 4th annual festival […]

Grab Life By The Globe

We love Earth. Our recycling bin, counter full of organic fruit and hemp-based lube say so. But as much as we try our best to conserve resources and go out of our way to buy sustainable goods, we also love receiving daily shipments from Amazon Prime. (Probably not the friendliest thing to the planet when we get a large cardboard […]