Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!


Who’s Your Favorite Oinkle?

Do not adjust the screen on your device. Or make an appointment to get your eyes examined. Despite the uncanny resemblance, the photo above is not of Donald Trump. Instead, today we’re alerting you to a virtual event tomorrow that’s all about the ins and outs (and sometimes upside-downs) of raunchiness for pure pleasure. LDG Presents: OINK!- The What and […]

A Kinky Tease

Ready to get seduced, all worked up and screaming for more? It’s a fitting premier for Submission Possible, a new Revry original sex-positive docuseries that dives into queer fetishes, kink, and sexual exploration. Starring Madison Young, the “Queen of Kink,” the series follows her as she travels all over, exploring the sensual sides of cities many people don’t know exist. […]

How Glow Can You Go?

Do you always get compliments on your youthful glow? Yeah, neither do we. Fortunately, there are ways to achieve a very special radiance—without even getting pregnant! Tomorrow night, join us at Dallas Eagle for GlowJob. The everything-better-happens-in-the-dark party features DJ Neon the Glowgobear spinning tunes while you treat yourself to free body painting. The more skin you show, the more […]

Wanna Get Rammed?

The New York underground sure does go the distance. Daddy Ersin brings the famous RAM Gear Party to Dallas Eagle this Saturday night and it’s going to be wall-to-wall leather up in there. Featuring music by Spain’s DJ Lucas Famefly, there will be sexy dancers moving to the beats while bears, daddies, pups and everything in between groove all night […]

Putting The “Mo” In Emoji

Hookups are about to get a whole lot easier. And more graphic. With the just-released Gaymojis from Grindr, gone are the days when you used to have to actually type out the words “I’m looking to set up a three-way. I’m a top. And oh, I’d love it if you wore a jock strap when you show up.” Now all […]

Happy HUMP! Day

We never planned to have back-to-back Dan Savage coverage this week, but we just got word today about one of our favorite-ever pornographic film festivals returning to Dallas. Yep, PORNOGRAPHIC!!!!! Now before you think we’re completely perverted for getting all-bold-caps-five-exclamation-points-excited about naked people on the big screen, we can totally justify it. Back in 2014, Dan Savage sent his HUMP! Film Festival to […]