Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!


Hey, You, Let Me Into Your House!

If we had a nickel for every time we fantasized about hanging out with Chris Hemsworth, well, we could easily provide our own $2 trillion rescue fund for the United States. Because if you love Chris Hemsworth like we love Chris Hemsworth—or you simply want to get a really intense workout while you’re in isolation—we just learned of a really […]

Stream, Queen!

We’re on self-isolation Day 4 and we’ve quickly realized that if we’re going to get through this long-term, we have to do more than binge-watch TV and movies. Or spend hours with our free trial to Mr. Man. Our gym, like pretty much everyone else’s in the United States, closed down Monday evening indefinitely, leaving those of us with a […]

Movin’ On Up & Up & Up & Up

Ready to take flight? Or should we say, flights? The hottest workout trend in the country is now in Dallas with the opening of Rise Nation, home to fun, low-impact, high-intensity, massive-amounts-of-sweat-producing stairclimbing workout classes. If you like to burn calories in a nightclub atmosphere, this place is for just what you need. Classes are only 30 minutes long, but you’ll feel the […]

Plant One On Us

We’re trying so hard to be good. Really we are. Last week, we told you about our very successful juice cleanse. And today, we’re back on the vegan bandwagon (between chicken fried steaks and frozen margaritas) to talk up another easy way to incorporate super-healthy food into your routine. Nature’s Plate offers a variety of incredibly delicious plant-based meals to-go. You […]

Spin To Win

Time to make sure those spandex bike shorts don’t have holes in them. SoulCycle, the indoor cycling phenomenon that’s swept the east and west coasts is finally in Dallas with its first studio opening today in Preston Center. Sign up online and choose the class or instructor (there are a couple hotties!) of your choice. Then prepare to climb aboard […]

Fitness Buffs. Emphasis On The Buff Part.

Put down the Cookie Butter and Nacho-Cheese Flavored Doritos. It’s time to get in shape for summer. If you need extra motivation to get to the gym (or outside in the fresh air), look no further than NBC’s newest reality competition, Strong, debuting tonight. The show pairs contestants looking to improve their physiques with one of 10 super-ripped trainers. It’s […]

Strike A Pose. Grab A Cocktail.

This summer, we did a brief mention of an event in our weekend guide. After it was over, we realized the next installment deserves a full write-up. So, what is this must-attend festivity, you ask? Glad you did. It’s called Glow with the Flow and it’s quite possibly the greatest yoga experience ever. Especially now that it’s not 1,000 degrees […]


It’s time to have a workout worthy of a gay man: intense, sweat-filled and with lots of screaming. Maybe even a little rhythmic head bobbing when you’re not gasping for air. That’s all on the agenda this Saturday when BEYOND500 presents their debut PRIDE Class, led by sexy (limber) John (seen above in his natural habitat). You’ll get a fun, […]

Frankie Says Felax

It’s no secret: We love to get rubbed. And poked. And prodded on occasion. So anytime we experience a new spa that’s worth adding to our repertoire, we can’t wait to share the good news. (Answer the door, that’s us knocking.) Well, for years we’ve worked out at Equinox Preston Hollow just upstairs from a little spa called Massage Felax […]

The Power Of Self-Love

Spanking the monkey. Choking the chicken. Polishing the disco stick. Whatever you call it, masturbation is as common a way to start the day as a cup of coffee. But soon, you’ll have an environmentally friendly excuse to do it more often. (Al Gore and Ed Begley, Jr. must be so proud.) Sign up to strap on a Wankband prototype […]