Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!


South By South Beach

Summer may be officially over, but don’t put away your swimsuit just yet. As LGBT Americans, we feel it’s our duty to support businesses that support us. We also believe it’s important after a natural disaster to support tourism to the cities affected. With a visit to The Gates Hotel South Beach, we can accomplish both. Miami’s South Beach area […]

Now This Is What We Call Wintering

Just take a good long look at that image above. Now picture yourself sandwiched in between the hot guy in the red sunglasses and the hot guy in the aviators, but not so sandwiched that you can’t reach around and rub the shoulders of the hot guy in the backward cap. It’s entirely possible at this year’s Winter Party Festival in South […]

Key Party

There are two kinds of summer heat: The unbearable, burn your feet on the pavement kind; and the hot guys in a gay tropical destination kind. We’ll give you .327% of a guess which one we prefer. If you have some air miles burning a hole in your pocket or simply wish to get away from the madness of life […]

The Sport Of Queens

Here’s one for the old gay bucket list. Last year we had the thrill of attending International Gay Polo Week in the Palm Beaches, Florida. And though we reserve this particular adjective for only the most appropriate occasions, it was indeed quite Fabulous! (with a capital F, exclamation point and everything). The 7th annual event runs March 31 through April […]

To Beach His Own

It’s not a proper summer unless you spend some time on the beach. Hell, we think that’s true for all fall, winter and spring, too, but summer in particular. We recently went to The Palm Beaches and it was one of our favorite Florida vacations ever. Relaxing, scenic (both the people and landscapes) and just gay enough to make us […]

Palms, Spring

Not so long ago, we were prime Spring Breaking age. There wasn’t a beer bong (or townie) we couldn’t suck dry in a matter of minutes. And there was only one destination at the top of our list: Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Well, now that we’re a little older and a tinge of the lockjaw has hindered many an extreme binging […]

BOGO, Homos!

“Buy One Get One Free”: our favorite five-word phrase. Well, second favorite after: “Ricky Martin’s naked. And drunk.” Well, now that Labor Day is around the corner, we’re busy finalizing our vacation plans for the long weekend. And Fort Lauderdale with its vibrant GLBT scene and beautiful beaches is definitely on our short list. Making us even more excited is […]