Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Fort Worth

Heals Yeah!

Fans of RuPaul’s DragRace UK vs World may have wondered who the hell Pangina Heals was among a roster of universally well-known queens. But many North Texas locals knew exactly who the talented queen was. Pangina returns to her U.S. home base in Fort Worth at The Urban Cowboy Saloon. Presented by HELP Center for LGBT Health and Wellness (a […]

Hey, Kitty Girls (& Boys & Any Other Identity You Wish)!

They’re baaaaaaaack! After two years off for reasons we should no longer have to explain, Trinity Pride Fest returns to an in-person celebration worth the short road trip from Dallas—and an even shorter journey for those who actually live in Fort Worth! This Saturday, Trinity Pride presents the one-day festival takes over Magnolia Green Park in Cowtown’s Near Southside neighborhood. […]

Where To Get Your Wigs & Eggs This Weekend

Those in Fort Worth have an option for drag brunch, too, so those of us in Dallas can no longer claim exclusivity for access to wigs, waffles, high heels and huevos. MyOhMy The Show presents its popular Drag With Me Brunch this Saturday and pretty much every Saturday for the foreseeable future. And if you’re visiting Cowtown for this event, […]

Drink Your Pie, Shelby

Let’s be honest. The two things we love most about Thanksgiving are the desserts and drinking booze to deal with all the family drama. Well, this year, we probably won’t be seeing any family so we’ll be drinking purely for pleasure. And there’s a new bourbon out of Fort Worth that will give you a nice buzz and satisfy your […]

New Reasons To Drink

You haven’t gotten a haircut in three months? Cheers to that! That ever-growing beard still shocks you when you see yourself in the mirror? Bottoms up! If you know us, you know we can always find a reason to toast a situation with a cocktail. Well, this weekend, we have two more and they’re rather official. Tomorrow is World Gin […]

Brunch Of The Week: Drag The Kids Along

If you love drag brunch, but you have kids, sometimes the options are limited. You either risk exposing them to all sorts of raunch, or worse, get the stink-eye from all the adults around you who came for just such raunch and don’t want it spoiled by gasps and giggles. Well, now there’s an option. Glamazon Prime presents an all-ages […]

Sleeping Around Dallas: Cowtown Chic

Our Pink Traveler reviews take us all over the globe, but booking a relaxing vacation doesn’t necessarily require being crammed in a middle seat on a plane or having every nook and cranny inspected by TSA or Customs agents. (Although there are scenarios where we wouldn’t mind either of those inconveniences.) So as a new monthly feature, we will be […]

Brunch Of The Week: Bird Is The Word

We don’t get to Fort Worth as often as we’d like, so when we visit we make the most of our time way out west. After a recent overnight stay (which you’ll read about in another story soon), we made sure to schedule brunch before our drive back to Big D. For years, we’ve been invited to try out Bird […]

The Other Little Blue Pill

Sex. Sex. Sex. Just saying the word makes us smile. Even more so now that we’ve taken an active step in significantly reducing the risk of HIV. But Truvada (PrEP) can be outrageously expensive. Hell, when our doctor’s office accidentally called in our prescription to a Walmart pharmacy by mistake, we got a phone call from the pharmacist wanting our […]

Brunch Of The Week: We Love Men With Big Eggplants

With Thanksgiving a week away, we’re already anticipating the inevitable weight gain and overindulgence. And like most Americans, we’ll probably consume way too many animal products, as much as we’re trying to cut back. So in a very small way to atone for our carnivorous sins, we’re encouraging everyone reading this to go vegan for brunch this weekend at one of the […]