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Frame Job

28,496. That’s how many digital pictures we have in iPhoto right now. 1. That’s how many of those digital pictures we’ve turned into framed photographs. And it’s all because of Sworl, an app that’s going to change our habits and keep our favorite memories from being lost forever in some digital vortex. Sworl makes it simple, too. Select an image […]

Score Like Never Before

You know that stockpile of video clips on your smartphone? Time to make them into mini blockbusters. Introducing MatchCut, an app for iPhone and Android that we simply can’t stop using. Take a video clip (or several) and choose one of 50 free, original fully-orchestrated soundtracks ranging from Hitchcock and Mad Men styles to waltzes and cartoonish cuts. The app […]

Louvre, American Style

When not displaying episodes of RuPaul’s Drag Race and 2 Broke Girls, our TV doesn’t get a lot of action. It just sits there like a big black void in the room, begging to have a purpose. Finally, we’ve found a fantastic way to turn our TV into a virtual museum, thanks to Artkick. Download the app for your smartphone […]