Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Free Apps

Interracial Emojis Are Here!

Pretty soon, we won’t need written words at all. Emojis will be the new language. And now, thanks to an app launched in promotion of the new film Loving, we can tell our own tiny illustrated story of interracial love.The film (out November 4) chronicles the life together of Richard and Mildred Loving, who fifty years ago faced horrendous amounts […]

Unlike Anything You’ve Seen

We still get a lot of useful information via Facebook. And a lot of status updates that are pointless as shit. If you’re checking in at Marshall’s with nary an ironic quip (or at least a selfie from the dressing room), that’s useless. If you’re uploading every vacation photo without editing out the bad ones or the dozens of almost-identical […]

Shop Like A Man

Sometimes we like to be told what to do. Other times, we prefer to be in control. Curatum, the new men’s shopping app for iOS brings together both of these experiences—without the need for a blindfold or whip. Imagine that. Once a day, Curatum recommends a men’s product. It could be a swimsuit, underwear, a fab watch, a piece of […]

Total Recall

We’ve often joked that we and our friends should hire a reality TV crew to film our often wild nights out. Because there are so many mornings after where we awaken to moved furniture, underwear in the driveway and unexplained soreness. We’d like to blame a ghost. But it’s more likely vodka. Now, we can find out the absolute truth […]

Deliver Us Some Evil

Drink, Drink & Be Merry. That’s our official holiday motto. But when we run out of booze, that sentiment can quickly devolve into Scream, Scream & Throw Empty Bottles at People. Definitely not our best trait. So it’s good to keep calm and know that another bottle of voddy is just a click or two away now that Dallas has […]