Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

frida kahlo

Frida Isn’t Free—But She’s Worth Every Penny

Everybody’s favorite bisexual, unibrow, Mexican artistic genius gets the Van Gogh treatment with her own multimedia extravaganza. Opening in downtown Dallas at Lighthouse ArtSpace this Thursday, Frida: Immersive Dream takes art lovers on a mind-blowing musical journey that puts you in the middle of some of Frida Kahlo’s most famous works. If you missed the immersive Van Gogh experience, then […]

Thank God It’s Frida

Unibrow Squad, unite! Known for her vibrantly colored self-portraits and other often-intimate paintings, Frida Kahlo has been celebrated in the LGBTQ community as much for her art as her occasional lesbian affairs. Now, you have the rare opportunity to view a handful of her works that are on loan from a private collection. Frida Kahlo: Five Works debuts Sunday at […]

One Quinceañera You’ll WANT To Attend

The thought of going to a 15-year old’s birthday party is enough to get us several steps into faking our own death. Unless, of course, said 15-year-old is a gay hotel in a fabulous tropical destination. So for Casa Cupula in Puerto Vallarta, we’ll make an exception. The spectacular LGBT boutique hotel in the hills overlooking the Pacific Ocean is in full swing of […]

TGI Frida

If you’re reading this, chances are you already have a standby Frida Kahlo costume. (We always keep at least two on-hand.) If you don’t, never fear. All you need is a unibrow, at least three artificial flowers, a red or pink shawl and a flower-printed dress that extends below the knees on all sides (with no slits). That may sound […]