Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Frontiers Of Flight Museum

Bye-Bye, Tie!

When we were part of Corporate America, we had more neckties than we knew what to do with. These days, we have to dig through our walk-in underwear closet just to find the one or two ties we still own. And hope they’re not wadded up in a ball and wrinkled. Of course, we won’t have to worry about that […]

It’s 4/20. Got The Munchies?

Happy April 20, everyone! Today’s a day when many people will be having some food cravings for some reason or another. And we’re here to tempt you with the promise of great food–you’ll just have to wait until next Wednesday. That’s when the annual Dining Out in Dallas: Battle of the Chefs competition kicks off at the Frontiers of Flight Museum. It’s […]

Severing Ties

When it comes to -ollywoods, we love ‘em all. Hollywood. Dollywood. And the now-defunct Gomer Pyle-inspired theme park, Well, Gawwwwwwlywood. Yet there’s another one that is even more exotic and flamboyant than any of the above, and that’s Bollywood. Which is good because that’s the theme of the 10th annual No Tie Dinner & Dessert Party, presented by Purple Foundation. […]