Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!


Get Naughty For The Camera

Ready to get naked? You’ve probably figured out over the years that we love Dan Savage’s HUMP! Film Festival and its refreshing approach to amateur adult entertainment. Everyday people (like you!) can fulfill their pornstar fantasies by creating movies for the touring fest. Submissions are due Friday, September 13 at 5:00 p.m. Pacific, so there’s plenty of time to write […]

Picture Perfect

First, it was cupcakes. Then macarons, poké shops, and handroll sushi joints. And don’t even get us started on all the rent-by-the-hour bike and scooter companies. You can pretty much guarantee that if a trend becomes a hit in Dallas, it’ll be replicated in many different ways until the next great thing comes along. Well, right now we appear to […]

Grab Life By The Globe

We love Earth. Our recycling bin, counter full of organic fruit and hemp-based lube say so. But as much as we try our best to conserve resources and go out of our way to buy sustainable goods, we also love receiving daily shipments from Amazon Prime. (Probably not the friendliest thing to the planet when we get a large cardboard […]

Brownie Points

Break out the go-go boots and prepare to eat your weight in frosting. It’s time to start planning for the annual No Tie Dinner and Dessert Party. Not to be confused with our own yearly Nothing BUT A Tie Dinner that was a huge success – once we stopped using padded vinyl seats and serving hot soup. Though the actual […]

Child’s Play

Listening to the late, great Julia Child as she described exquisite French cooking techniques on her television show was almost like listening to beautiful music. Her voice was so melodic and entertaining, it’s no stretch to imagine this larger-than-life personality belting out notes that only an opera singer could achieve. Well, now’s your chance to see just that. And best […]

Kitschin’ Duty

One of the first male nudie magazines we ever saw was a Playgirl that featured a pictorial with a hot guy in nothing but an apron. Eventually, the apron came off, of course, but the image was enough to raise our temperature. Among other things. It’s that very Playgirl moment of truth that we attribute to not only our obsession […]

The End Of The World As We Know It

The hype has died down considerably, but could this be the calm before the final storm? Yes, the world is officially scheduled to end on December 21, which means we have a little more than a month to enjoy life to the fullest. Of course, tops of that list should be one last visit to Gaybingo Dallas for an Armageddon-themed […]

Gift-Wrapped & Ready

Mommy, where do condoms come from? This is a question we asked her just yesterday and she had no clue. Technically her answer of “Walgreens!” was correct, but we’re a more curious sort than that. So our good friends at LifeStyles Condoms created a video that explains it all in fascinating detail. (We wonder if that guy scraping the latex […]

Yay for Pay

When our parents were in the prime of their careers, they had Cathy, Ziggy and the Family Circus to keep them duly motivated. But who has time to read an entire comic strip these days? We need our encouragement like we like our men: quick, pretty and of very few words. That’s why we’re shouting Yay! for just the cutest […]

Slippery When Slippery

Take a moment and look around the room. What do you see that’s dry? Could be an elbow. A piece of toast. Your great grandmother. Now think how much better things are when they’re moisturized and lubricated. What a beautiful image! Well, we recently received a sample of a great product called Aloe Cadabra and we just can’t stop using […]