Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!


Comedy That’s Broad (Way Broad)

One of our favorite events every year is just around the corner. And we might just tap-dance and high kick the entire way there. Uptown Players’ Broadway Our Way returns to the Kalita Humphreys Theater for four performances from Thursday, June 9 to Sunday, June 12. Starring Michael Alonzo, Chimberly Byron, BJ Cleveland, Coy Covington, Peter DiCesare, Jennifer Kuenzer, Denise […]

Bingo’s Back, Baby!

After far too long, our beloved Gaybingo is back this month! Only a few tickets remain, so feel free to open a new tab and purchase tickets before you finish reading this. (A few are single seats if you’re interested in joining another table and meeting some new friends!) Appropriately themed, The Return of Gaybingo!, special guest Patti Le Plae […]

How’s It Hanging?

We know you’re out there: People who put away their tombstones and spiderwebs on November 1 and immediately replaced them with Christmas trees and garland. If this describes you, buy tickets today for next week’s 26th Annual Holiday Wreath Collection event from DIFFA/Dallas. Enjoy festive holiday cocktails, snack on sweet treats and groove to music by DJ Jen Miller—all while […]

Hot Dog! There’s A BBQ This Sunday.

Well, it’s the last day of summer. [sigh] But that doesn’t mean we have to stop all the summertime activities. (Skinny-dipping is year-round, right?) Same with barbecues in Texas. This Sunday, LifeWalk’s Team Metro/GDMAF hosts a cookout at the Hidden Door with burgers, hot dogs and all the fixin’s. Even though this year’s LifeWalk is once again on hold, the […]

Donate As If Today’s Thursday

North Texas Giving Day isn’t until Thursday, but why wait until then to open your wallet and help your favorite charitable organizations? With early giving in effect, local nonprofits can start reaping the benefits of funds in a year when most of them need help more than ever. This year, you can donate to one of more than 3,350 charities, […]

Get Your Buns To B&B

Cue the meat sweats, Burgers & Burgundy is back! Everybody’s favorite propane-fueled fundraiser returns this year with a brand-new location. Now taking place at Peace Plaza at Cathedral of Hope, the event chaired by chef John Tesar and Terri Provencal will feature numerous takes on burger sliders and pair them with the perfect wines. It’s one of many DIFFA/Dallas events […]

The Stars At Night Are Big & Bright

Deep in the heart of Station 4 inside the Rose Room, the Greg Dollgener Memorial AIDS Fund (GDMAF) presents Night of Stars. The annual LifeWalk Team Metro fundraiser welcomes the gorgeous and talented A’Keria C. Davenport from the RuPaul’s Drag Race runway to our own local drag stage for a lip-syncing, eleganza extravaganza—for a great cause. Hosted by the hilarious […]

Resource Center’s Got Talent

It’s another weird back-to-school season, but Resource Center and Youth First are making the best lemonade they can. Thursday evening at 6:00 p.m., log on to the interwebs for their Back-to-School Extravaganza, a free talent show featuring members of Youth First. Youth First is one of the only LGBTQ-focused programs in North Texas that addresses the challenges LGBTQ teens face […]

Alyssa Edwards Is A Great Sport

We’re terribly unathletic. We still have PTSD from getting picked last every single time for every single sport in P.E. class. Except Smear the Queer. Remember that horribly named game? For some reason, we always got picked first for that one. Sheesh. Our story’s not unique, but for every gay boy who was bullied in school sports, there was probably […]

Hit The Town With Your Dog

It’s difficult to do anything virtual with your dog. Trust us, we tried to have canine play dates over Zoom during the height of the lockdown and it never went well. So for this year’s SPCA of Texas Strut Your Mutt fundraiser, “virtual” has a very loose interpretation. “Schedule-your-own” would be a more accurate way to describe this year’s 3K […]