Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!


The Opposite Of Gimme, Gimme, Gimme

Doing good feels great. Whether it’s as simple as smiling at a surly cashier at Taco Bell or forking over hundreds to a worthwhile cause, nothing compares to generosity. Each year we write about North Texas Giving Day and, you guessed it, 2018 is no different. It all takes place on Thursday for an 18-hour spree of giving a little—or a […]

Big Voodoo To-Do

Dolls, needles and pricks. Sounds like the natural progression of our pastimes from elementary school to adulthood. But they’re also three of the major components in the practice of voodoo, that mysterious set of spiritual rituals that gives us something to shop for in between cocktails in New Orleans. This Saturday, Voodoo comes to Dallas for the 17th Annual Toast […]

No Ifs, Just Butts

It takes a lot these days to get our attention with a crowdfunding campaign. A lot. We get pitched at least one a day and few ever make the cut for an actual story. Then again, we’ve never been pitched one before where the top contribution amount comes with a little PG-rated nudity. That’s right, for a $25,000 donation to […]

Sip. Stay. Good Dog.

When we see a tail wagging, it makes us happy—but only if it’s attached to a dog. Twerking still does nothing for us. Next Tuesday, we’ll be surrounded by happy pooches and the generous people who love them at the third annual Kibble & Cocktails. And it’s going to be bigger than ever. Presented by Barking Hound Village, doggie hotel […]