Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!


Beach Read: Say Gunkle!

Of all the things we’ve been called over the years, Gunkle has to be one of our favorites. Another “honorary niece” has taken it one step further, calling us her Gay Drunkles. We’re proud to answer to either title, which both remind us how great it is to have kids that only come visit for a couple of hours at […]

So Ducking Felightful

**If you are easily offended, now would be a really good time to FUCK OFF** That’s not an original thought on our part but could easily summarize our sentiment toward the overly sensitive. In actuality, it’s the introductory sentence on the Vulgar Teacups website, a Dallas company we never knew existed but one that’s been permanently added to our browser’s […]

The Funny Side of COVID

If you can’t laugh at a global pandemic, what can you laugh at? Sure, COVID-19 and the numerous political, social and economic side effects are far from funny in and of themselves, but we will take comedy any way we can get it during even the most trying of times. This Friday, Stomping Ground Comedy presents the Queerantine Sketch Comedy […]

Tee Hee

Typically, we strive for first class. Always. Yet sometimes, we’re painfully reminded that we are still seen by some as third-class citizens, but laughing at that—and other clichés of being flamboyantly gay— gives us power. That’s exactly the kind of apparel you’ll find over at 3rd Class Clothing, an online retailer specializing in t-shirts with the gayest, lesbianist, transgenderist, bi-ist, […]