Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!


What’s Going On Down There?

It’s been three months since our last haircut—on our head, that is. Thankfully, we’re much more confident in our skills keeping things neat and tidy below the waist. And now that we have the Lawnmower 3.0 from Manscaped, we could perch ourselves outside naked with our legs in the air and easily win “Yard of the Month” from our neighborhood […]

Secrets & Selfies

We all have secrets-–whether it’s an internet crush, a second family with kids in another city, or the list of herbs and spices in a famous fried chicken recipe. But now there’s an app that not only keeps your personal information personal, it lets you know if somebody else is trying to hack it. We recently put the Don’t Touch […]

The Secret Life Of YOUR Pets

Sleep. Eat. Bark. Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. For years, we’ve suspected our dogs’ daily routine was one of pure indulgent leisure, but we never knew for sure. Until we got Petcube. After seeing ads on Facebook for weeks, we reached out to the makers of the high-tech gizmo and asked to test one out. Our Petcube (in the brand-new carbon black) […]

Big Screen, Meet Small Screen

There’s a new app in town. And it’s going to be a blockbuster. Atom Tickets just launched in Dallas–Fort Worth and movie lovers can purchase tickets via the app and get them delivered right to their smartphones. Movie tickets are available for showings at Studio Movie Grill, AMC Theatres and Regal Cinemas in North Texas. Plus, download the free iOS […]

Pitch A Tent, Watch A Movie

Camping isn’t our thing. Not even in the slightest. Unless you count sleeping with the balcony door open at the Ritz-Carlton in Bachelor Gulch, Colorado. So whether you’ve reluctantly said yes to a weekend of camping or you love spending nights with bugs, bears and sleeping bag claustrophobia, then we have an accessory that’ll make wilderness life easier in so many […]

The Couple That Texts Together…

Searching for Pokemon in the men’s locker room at your gym is one way to bring you and your man closer together. (Or kicked out of the club for using your phone’s camera function around naked dudes.) But there is a new app that could bring you and your love-muffin to new levels of intimacy. Introducing Happy Couple, a relationship […]

All Business

If you work in an office, you know how much a Monday can drag out when you’re bored. And sober. But now you can sneak a six-pack of delicious craft brew into the workplace, whether it’s a cubicle, corner office or the set of Deal Or No Deal (though we realize the chances of you working on that out-of-production game […]

‘Tis Better To GIF Than Receive

Our pink rhinestone case gets a lot of attention, but we still felt like our iPhone wasn’t quite gay enough. Grindr, Scruff and Tumblr definitely helped shift our phone’s ranking on the Kinsey Scale, yet something was still missing. Then we discovered exactly what would take our smartphone over the rainbow and way beyond. Gmojiz launched last month and it’s […]

A Place For Your Tools

There are few things worse than a tuxedo covered in lube. Or a week’s worth of underwear drenched in mouthwash. That’s because some toiletry bags just aren’t that good at protecting what’s outside their own little grooming world. Say goodbye to spills and leakages that damage clothes and add time and expense to your vacation for hotel dry cleaning or […]

Flaw & Order

Who among us hasn’t at least fantasized about tweaking some part of our bodies? Especially when we’re half-naked in a Banana Republic dressing room with all that harsh retail lighting. Potential for improvement? You betcha. But we’ve never been serious enough to actually go in for a cosmetic surgery consultation because we’re pretty sure we don’t have enough home equity […]