Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Gay Bar

15 Candles

This weekend, a gayborhood institution hits a major milestone. On Friday night, join us in congratulating Alexandre’s as they celebrate 15 years of fantastic cocktails and even more fantastic live music entertainment. Party like its 2004 with a variety of performers throughout the night at an evening hosted by Kimberly Oliver and a full band. Expect champagne toasts, cocktail fountains […]

Cocktailing With The Gays

Grindr hasn’t changed everything. Sure, there are people out there who believe dating/hookup apps and web sites are killing the gay bar. And that may be true to a certain extent, but we think (and hope) they’ll stick around. Because they’re an important part of our LGBTQ culture and the coming out process as a whole. After the Pulse Nightclub massacre […]

Turnabout, Bright Eyes

Step away from that LuAnn platter, guys. Why take your mom to Luby’s again this year for Mother’s Day when you could expose her to the Bearded Ladies at this year’s Turnabout Show at the Round-Up? The annual Does Your Mother Know? drag extravaganza features employees of the Round-Up all dolled up and ready to raise money for R.E.B.A (The Round-Up […]

Thrice The Fun

If you like royalty, hold onto your plebeian hats. This Wednesday night, not one but three people will be crowned in an epic pageant at The Round-Up. By the end of the night, we’ll have a new Miss Gay Dallas USofA, a new Mr. Gay Dallas USofA and a bright-and-shiny Miss Gay Dallas USofA Newcomer. During the evening, there will be […]

¡Cerveza Verde!

Leapin’ leprechauns, it’s St. Patrick’s Day! We’re not fans at all of the St. Patty’s parade and drunkfest that turned Greenville Avenue into a vomitorium last Saturday (and every year), but we are HUGE fans of grabbing a pint of green beer every March 17. But emerald-hued brewskis are harder to come by than you’d think. Especially in the gay world. Well, […]

The Brick Dallas to close

After 25 years in business, The Brick Dallas is closing its doors. The club is a generous supporter of our community, including hosting charity fundraisers of all types, from gay sports leagues to AIDS service groups and Resource Center Dallas. In fact, just last week, The Brick hosted a benefit for the victims of the Orlando mass shooting. In recent months, they’ve […]

Dare To Go Bear

Twinks can’t hold their liquor. That’s why we prefer to party with bears. They can put back more than their fair share of beer and keep you rolling with laughter. And when it comes to cuddling? It’s like curling up on a waterbed covered in fur. Paradise. So tonight, we’re going to break out of hibernation from this recent cold […]

Foreplay. With Cocktails.

Looking for a change of pace from the regular gay bars in town where everyone not only knows your name, but also your mattress size and brand of toothpaste? Tonight is the launch of a new event at Glass, a swank lounge near downtown. The festivities fall under the moniker, Foreplay Thursdays. We guess that means Friday and Saturday are […]