Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Gay Men

Putting The “Mo” In Emoji

Hookups are about to get a whole lot easier. And more graphic. With the just-released Gaymojis from Grindr, gone are the days when you used to have to actually type out the words “I’m looking to set up a three-way. I’m a top. And oh, I’d love it if you wore a jock strap when you show up.” Now all […]

Singapore Flings

Four gay men. Grindr. And a Friday night in Singapore. Not only does that sound like an amazing fantasy of ours, that juicy combination is also the launching point for People Like Us, a new VOD series available on HereTV via many cable providers, as well as on Amazon and YouTube. The entire first season runs less than an hour, so you’re […]

Southern Drawl-ma

Not every gay man lives a glam, NYC lifestyle like Will of & Grace fame. In fact, there are dozens–if not thousands–of gay men who live in smaller cities and towns around the globe. It’s true!Exploring the LGBT world outside of Gotham is at the heart of Feral, a new series debuting today on Dekkoo.com, the subscription streaming service dedicated […]

Bette Davis Thighs

Even if you don’t know Orry-Kelly by name, you know his work. The legendary Australian left his mark on Hollywood during its Golden Age of filmmaking, working on 285 motion pictures as costume designer. He created memorable pieces for the biggest mega stars of the day, including Bette Davis, Marilyn Monroe, Humphrey Bogart and Rosalind Russell for films like Some […]

Pittsburgh: Gay Scene

Bet you really want to know what happened with all these porn stars in one place? Or how we ended up waiting in line for the bathroom while Bruce Villanch lounged on the bed talking on his mobile phone? That’s just how our weekend started – at a private party overlooking the city with porn stars everywhere, music thumping, and […]