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When “I Do” Turns To “I Don’t”

We hate to say (or write) anything that makes us feel (and sound) old. How else can we continue to get away with 29 as our age on Grindr? But we’re old enough to remember a time when “gay movies” were few and far between. And usually far from mainstream. One of those early films we traveled from Denton, our […]

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something White Trash

Shake our family tree too hard and more than a few people with red necks will fall out. Perhaps that’s why we have such a love for the Sordid Lives franchise. We can practically quote every line of the original 2000 film. The entire Sordid Lives: The Series is a permanent fixture on our DVR. And every one of our nieces and nephews […]

Germanic Verses

What could’ve been? That simple question can be one of the most devastating one we ever ask ourselves. What would our life be like if we’d met someone different? Moved to a different city? Traveled more while we were young? But the what if surround a lost love can be the most devastating of all. That’s a central theme in the […]

Silver Bells In Silverlake

Ah, the gay holiday romantic comedy. Imagine telling someone in the LGBT community just a few decades ago that one day we’d have so many queer movies that “gay holiday romantic comedy” was actually a genre unto itself. But here we are in 2016 and the diversity of what movies are available to us as gay men continues to surprise, […]