Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Gay-Owned Business

Join The Tee Party

The only thing we like better than a graphic tee is ripping it off the hot guy wearing it. But we also enjoy¬†sporting them ourselves nearly every day as part of our “writer uniform.” So we’re proud to introduce you to one of our favorite new gay-owned businesses, Monkey & The Bee.¬†The Dallas-based company produces a variety of wearables with […]

1 Step To A Perfect Dinner Party

Meal delivery services are all the rage. But most of them require too much time to chop, shred, season, sear and cook. Not to mention several minutes to scream at the boyfriend for not julienning the carrots properly. And sometimes, like the men in our life, we just want easy. That’s where Food Hugs Kitchen comes in. From gay Dallas […]

Nice Pair

You know that memory thing on Facebook? Well, vacation memories from five years ago popped up last week and three days in a row we were in photos wearing clothes we still have in our closet. Somewhere Ann Wintour is spinning in her grave. (Or office chair, whatevs.) Our collection of shoes shares the same birthday as many of our […]