Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!


Capture Your Pride

Give your selfies a break. At least for 20 minutes next Sunday. That’s when local photographer and LGBTQ ally Chevy Gil of Chevy Chey Photo & Video will be hosting mini photo sessions for Pride Month at the Ronald Kirk Pedestrian Bridge with spectacular backdrops including downtown Dallas and the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge. For $150 you’ll get a 20-minute […]

Picture Yourself Here (Sorta)

In an alternate universe, the Oak Cliff Film Festival would be kicking off this evening with a slate of fabulous movies from some truly creative people. Alas, none of us are too eager to be muffin-top-to-muffin-top with a stranger in the theater seat next to us. Luckily, the show will go on in a format we’ve all gotten very used […]

What’s Going On Down There?

It’s been three months since our last haircut—on our head, that is. Thankfully, we’re much more confident in our skills keeping things neat and tidy below the waist. And now that we have the Lawnmower 3.0 from Manscaped, we could perch ourselves outside naked with our legs in the air and easily win “Yard of the Month” from our neighborhood […]

Marsha, Marsha, Marsha

Happy Pride Month, everyone! While this year things will certainly feel very different from celebrations past, some things never change. And that includes the glamorous stylings of Marsha Dimes. She’s back this week with another virtual edition of Marsha and Friends Drag Brunch, a Facebook Live event that features your food and drink, but all the wild entertainment you’ve come […]

Strike A Pose

If you could choose only one new show to add to your watchlist this week, make it Legendary. It’s one of a half-dozen original series that debuted with the launch of HBO Max this week and it’s a real standout. Even among hundreds of popular series and movies that are part of the massive HBO Max library. The reality competition […]

24/7/365 Queer

Even though TV has become gayer than ever, sometimes it’s just not gay enough. That’s where Revry comes in. The first global LGBTQ streaming network has launched new apps for pretty much every platform from Apple and Android to Roku and Amazon Fire TV. Whether you’re looking for comedy, drama or a heavy dose of reality, they’ve got you covered. […]

Cover Your Holes (3 Of Them, At Least)

As you’re already aware, the hottest fashion trend of 2020 is the good ol’ face mask. When this all started, we were forced to take whatever we could get, whether it was something rigged from a coffee filter, condoms and sequins or a boring standard-issue surgeon’s mask acquired before the shortage. Well, the new frontier of droplet-spread prevention is all […]

Who Goes There

The days of rainbows and celebrating our community comes a little early this year. With the cancellation of Pride events worldwide, organizers continue to turn to online platforms to connect us with artists (and keep us sane at the same time). Next up, the OUTLOUD Pride Artist Showcase that was supposed to debut at South by Southwest this year. Obviously, […]

Meanwhile, Back At The Bar…

Tough. Hairy. Not afraid to cut the nuts off a bull. Man, we really miss seeing our mom right now. But funny enough, those are also the traits of a typical Texas cowboy and there’s a legendary beverage that many call their favorite: Ranch Water. You know, the super-refreshing, delightfully strong mixture of tequila, Topo Chico and lime. Well, now […]