Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!


Bingo’s Back, Baby!

After far too long, our beloved Gaybingo is back this month! Only a few tickets remain, so feel free to open a new tab and purchase tickets before you finish reading this. (A few are single seats if you’re interested in joining another table and meeting some new friends!) Appropriately themed, The Return of Gaybingo!, special guest Patti Le Plae […]

Feelin’ Groovy?

Who’s ready to party like it’s 1969? This Saturday, instead of the regularly scheduled Flower Power Gaybingo at the Rose Room, the Resource Center team members have come up with a creative alternative. Instead of bingo, which they can’t play online due to state laws (as if those matter anymore, right Mr. Abbott?), it’ll be a tie-dyed night of free […]

Colorful Commentary & Cold Hard Cash

Dallas Pride Weekend will be here soon. In less than a month, actually. Rainbows will be everywhere, but one place you’re going to want to see all those bright gay colors will be September’s session of Gaybingo. Taking place on Pride Saturday, Rainbow Gaybingo will pull out all every hot, haute hue imaginable and you’re encouraged to do the same. Plus, your […]

Turn The Other Chic

Better late than never. That phrase works in so many situations, but Gaybingo certainly isn’t one of them. Seats sell out so quickly, that often by the time we’re looking for tickets there are only a few scattered seats at the back of the Rose Room. So to remedy that situation for all the procrastinators reading this, we aren’t only on-time with the […]

Orange Is The New BINGO!

Vacation used to be the only thing we planned weeks or months in advance. Yet now we have to use the same strategy for Gaybingo because it’s gotten so darn popular. Case in point: Seats are already selling quickly for Orange You Glad It’s Gaybingo? on July 21st (more than four weeks away!). Of course, the all-things-orange-themed night features everything you’ve come to […]

Get All “Sandra Dee” Up In The Place

In a perfect world, slumber parties would be just like the one in Grease. Singing. Doing each other’s hair. Making fun of the prude. Our slumber parties were never like that. Mostly because we spent too much time trying to get our guy friends to agree to a massage. Or penis measuring. (In the name of science, of course). Well, whatever your […]

Now These Are Our Kind Of Hooters

Yee-haw, y’all, it’s cowboys season! And no, not the stupid football team. Rather, it’s time for our favorite country/western lovin’ men, women and bingo to collide in one epic gay night of fun and jackpots this Saturday. Hoot ‘n Holler Gaybingo presents a rip-roarin’, rootin’-tootin’ chance to take home your share of $2,500 in cash and prizes. Buy tickets, win money. Now that’s our […]

Kaboom! Kaboom! Ka-ching!

Howdy, boys and girls! Guess what time it is? It’s Gaybingo time! Yes, our favorite time of the month is upon us and the July edition promises to be the most patriotic event you’ve attended since last week’s backyard barbecue with Grandma and her cut-rate Waxahachie sparklers. In fact, we can almost guarantee it’ll be bursting with the type of […]

Get To Third Base This Weekend

We’d love to take a swing at that! But we’d probably strike out. That doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy a weekend of baseball-themed fun that doesn’t involve an actual game. If you have tickets to Saturday night’s sold-out Take Me Out To Gaybingo extravaganza at The Rose Room, then you’re going to be in the mood for a few extra innings of bat-and-ball […]

Pointy Hats & Prizes

Tap into your inner Samantha, Uncle Arthur or Endora this Saturday night. Because it’s time for Bewitched Gaybingo! Superstar drag diva, Trixie Mattel, joins the usual gang of misfits for a night of high-stakes bingo with over $2,500 in cash and prizes.Just make sure to have Dr. Bombay on speed dial because winning the jackpot could cause fainting. Or becoming […]